Long time, no blogging!

This is what my life has been like for the past week! Things are finally calming down a little bit. The first grading period just ended at school and I’ve been burried with work. I didn’t bring any “homework” home this weekend. Yippee!

Last night we had a tennis social at the club. Remember the tennis outfit that I wanted? I never ordered it, but I showed it to sweet hubby and he surprised me with it this week. The top that I wanted wasn’t available in my size, but I am in love with the one that he bought. It is super stretchy and I could keep it on 24/7. He’s a keeper!!

Tonight is my 20 year class reunion. Where did the time go? I don’t see a lot of my classmates very often, so tonight should be a lot of fun. I never had time to shop for a new dress, so I’m going to wear the dress that I wore to the fun wedding that I attended last month. I did find a cute new jacket to wear over it if it gets chilly.

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