More Headbands and a Book Winner

I made more ribbon headbands this week.  I have worn a ribbon headband nearly every day this summer and decided that I needed more colors to wear to school this fall.  For the full tutorial, click here.

Every Thursday during football season students and teachers dress in our school colors, green and gold, to support the team.  The green headband will get a weekly wearing for the school year because there’s always a sports team playing.  I get tired of wearing green and gold, but the kids like it, so I’ll do it.  The bottom three headbands have metallic threads.  Can you see the shine?
I made this headband out of vinyl left over from my knockoff purse project.  Instead of sewing velvet to the inside to keep it from slipping, I glued in a rubberband.
This headband has a cute bow.  I think I may be too old for a cute bow but we’ll see.
Now for the winner of my book giveaway…..It’s Mid-Atlantic Martha!  She’s a real sweetie who creates beautiful tablescapes and goes on some fabulous trips.  Please send your mailing address to me and I’ll get the book to you.


  1. I bet the kids will like your “bowed” headband the most.

  2. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Love the new headbands!! You could even add a posy or something to the green one to change it up if you get tired of it.

  3. FrouFrouBritches says:

    Those are sooo cute! I wish i could wear headbands! I’m so jealous! I have too much hair and the headbands get covered up. I bet you’ll look cute in the bow one. You’re not too old for a bow!

  4. Domestic Designer says:

    They are all soooo cute! Great job!

  5. Mid-Atlantic Martha says:

    Love your creative headbands! I’m looking foward to reading your book — what a great idea — I’m thinking of doing the same now with some of mine too. Thanks again Paula!

  6. Nicole@Whimsy-Lane says:

    Those are so cute! I love how simple they are when you use ribbon…and I totally love the bow on the vinyl one. You can pull it off for sure!

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