My Halloween Decorations

Halloween is definitely not my favorite holiday.  I do have a few decorations that I enjoy using each year and mix those in with my fall décor.

Our screened porch decorations are mostly fall themed with just a touch of Halloween.

The cat gourd lamp is carved from a gourd that my dad grew.  The base has a light bulb and it looks pretty cute at night all lit up.

My pumpkin sap bucket and Byers witch and cat make an appearance every October.

The cat Halloween spin toy was left by the previous owner of our home in the basement. 

When I’m napping on my sofa each night (passed out in exhaustion is more like it), I see the profile of my witch.  She looks like a nice witch to me.

This ceramic pumpkin was my grandmother’s.  She put a tea light under it each Halloween.  The egg crate was hers, too.  Eggs were sent from one sister in Roanoke to another in DC using this container.

The cat candy holder was my grandmother’s.  The pumpkin in the middle is a noise maker from the ‘70’s and was my brother’s.  My niece made the card for me last year.

These old portraits look appropriately spooky.  Do you suppose that the one on the right was in mourning?

I have had these Emerson Creek Pottery pieces for years.  They are on my kitchen counter every October.

I resisted buying candy corn to fill this jar for weeks.  Kroger now has it on sale for 10/$10 and Mr. SP came home with ten bags.  Yes, ten bags.  My jar will stay full for a while!  (Maybe…)

I put my Halloween candy in this old pot that reminds me of a caldron.  It’s fun to take the top off and let the trick-or-treaters pick what they’d like.

What isn’t handed out to trick-or-treaters goes to school to use as prizes.

Once Halloween is over, I’ll pull out my favorite decorations of all, my turkeys.  I love, love, love my turkey collection for Thanksgiving decorating.

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  1. How special that you have decorations that belonged to family members. I envy you. Your candy caldron resembles the pot my mom used to pop corn for us. Please don’t let Mr. SP tell Mr. Goodwill about the candy at Kroger.

  2. I’m so jealous of your family heirlooms. I love reading the history behind them. Amazing that eggs could travel from Roanoke to DC back in the day. You have more Halloween decorations than I do. I’m the same way, it’s my least favorite to holiday to decorate for. I can’t wait to see your turkey collection πŸ™‚

  3. You have such great stuff! I love all the family pieces you have. I have never seen the egg crate before. I love it! I love the cat lamp outside too. So cool! The card your niece made is so cute!!! She must be crafty like you! BUT, my favorite thing is the pot that looks like the cauldron! What a great idea!!!! Love it!

  4. I love that cat gourd and what a need heirloom to have! And those pictures are creepy and perfectly appropriate! The frogs are a clever and cute way to display them.

    I’m sorry I’ve been quiet. Mella is still trying to find her groove – ha!

    Happy Halloween weekend!

  5. I like your subtle infusion of Halloween. I like how you used frogs to hold the cabinet cards. LOVE the floral arrangement on the porch. Your old tv cart has been put to great use.

  6. I’m with you…I just like a few Halloween touches. Love the cauldron! And the cart of your porch is excellent πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I was so excited to see your gourd lamp. It is such a treasure especially since your dad made it. I got a couple of gourds this year and have them on a side table. I really love the look. I’m a new follower. Nice to meet you!

  8. Well even though you don’t like it, you’ve done a great job of decorating for Halloween. It all looks so fun! I usually decorate for Fall, but not Halloween. I like to keep everything out through November too.

  9. I’m with you–I love Thanksgiving much more than Halloween! But I’m happy for all the little kids who have such a good time trick-or-treating. Still, it’s hard for me to resist eating Halloween candy myself–and I definitely don’t need it! 10 bags of candy corn?? I’d end up eating it all, I’m afraid! πŸ™‚

  10. Wow! For someone who doesn’t like Halloween that much you sure do have a lot of cool stuff. I love those old pictures! Never thought of using something like that as Halloween decor. My favorite though is your candy caldron! I have one like that only without the handle.

  11. Great Fall decor! I am just crazy about that egg crate! Really neat and unique! πŸ™‚

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