Vintage Halloween Costumes

I am very lucky that my mom saved many things from my childhood. Today I’m sharing vintage Halloween costumes that were worn by me, my brother, and two of my cousins.

vintage Halloween costumes

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Some years we wore store-bought costumes and other years we wore homemade ones. My favorite store-bought costume was my Wonder Woman one.

Ghost Costume

My brother looked adorable in his Ben Cooper ghost costume.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Just for fun I took the costumes to school and asked my smallest 6th grader to model them for me.  I wish you could see this cutie without a mask.  Your heart would just melt!

1970's Scary Ghost Costume

Look at the packaging for this costume.  Aren’t the graphics great?

Ben Cooper Color Brite Costume Ghost
Ben Cooper Color Brite Costume Ghost2

Cinderella Costume

I wore a Cinderella costume that Halloween.

One of my sweet girls volunteered to put on my Cinderella cape and skirt.

1970's Cindarella Costume

Another Halloween I wore my Cinderella mask with a princess costume that my aunt made for my cousin and passed along to me.

My brother dressed as a clown in a costume that Mama made for him.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Devil and Skeleton Costumes

The devil mask and skeleton costume were not worn together. 

My mom made my brother a devil costume the year he used the devil mask.  I remember that he had a red and black fork to accompany his outfit. 

I’m not sure what happened to the skeleton mask and I don’t remember what it looked like.

1970's Skeleton Costume

Just to show you how tiny this little fellow is, here I am with him.

The one sock up and one sock down look was not intentional.  I wonder how many kids noticed?

1970's Skeleton Costume with 1970's Devil Mask

This is the box for the skeleton costume. On Halloween, we got to bring our costumes to school for a parade and then a party in our classrooms.

Ben Cooper 1970's Skeleton Costume

The devil mask ended up in the Cinderella costume’s box.  I wish the Cinderella mask had survived!

Ben Cooper Cindarella Costume
Ben Cooper 1970's Cindarella Costume

My students had never seen anything like these costumes and were especially fascinated with the masks. 

1970's Halloween Masks

Snoopy and Princess Costumes

One year for Halloween, my cousin, Robert, dressed as Snoopy, and Susan as a princess.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Halloween Birthday Party

Robert’s birthday is very close to Halloween and one year his birthday party featured a haunted house in their basement that I remember loving.

Robert was Batman, John a cowboy, Amy a witch, and Frederick a clown.

Vintage 1970s Halloween Costumes

Dracula and Old Woman Costumes

One year Frederick dressed and Dracula and I dressed as an old woman.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Here Mama is doing our makeup in our groovy bathroom.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Mama is just as pretty now as she was back then.

Antique Shop Vintage Halloween Costumes

My cousin and BFF went to several antique shops to see what vintage Halloween costumes were for sale.

80s kids will fondly remember Cabbage Patch dolls.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

This Donald Duck devil costume is super creepy.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

I would guess that this organ grinder monkey mask is from the 60s.

Vintage Halloween Costumes

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vintage Halloween costumes

Leave a comment letting me know some of your favorite Halloween costumes from your childhood.

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  1. This throwback post is so much fun! I totally remember those costumes with the plastic masks and the tiny eye holes! I’m pretty sure I had a rubber band mark around my head too. Have an awesome day and a happy Halloween weekend, CoCo

  2. You wouldn’t happen to want to sell the skeleton costume ?? I’ve been looking for that exact one for years………. It would be a gift for a friend of mine…… /Desktop/Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 6.59.18 PM.png this is a photo of him in his back in the 70’s…… he has it tattooed on his arm………..

    1. Your picture didn’t show up, Derick, but I’d love to see it. I can’t sell this costume because it belonged to my brother who died and I am very sentimental about his things.

  3. Oh wow!!! How cool to see you childhood Halloween costumes. Fun memories. I was Casper The Friendly Ghost as a kid too. Paula, my brother is an antique dealer. He has a booth at Griff’s in Goochland, Va. He has a LOT of vintage Halloween masks, and some costumes. He has been selling a lot of them this season. Griff’s is on Facebook. Thank you for sharing. We had fun Halloweens, didn’t we? So glad you have your costumes and photos of your brother. Happy Halloween!! -Donna

    1. I remember my cousin dressed as Casper one Halloween. The next time I am in the Goochland area, I’ll be sure to stop by your brother’s antique booth.

  4. This was a HUGE flashback for me! I wore that same Casper costume as a kid. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  5. Oh my goodness! I had 3 of the same exact masks you had as a child growing up. The Cinderella, the devil and the dog mask. (And I’m a Canadian!) Halloween was so different when I was a kid. Like you, my dad would take us to just a few houses ( we lived in the country, so there weren’t many places to go) But, everyone always welcomed us in and we didn’t worry about anything in those days. We always got homemade fudge, apples, and popcorn balls…all things of the past that people don’t do anymore. Such a shame how things have changed for the kids today. This brought back memories I had long stored away! Thank you!

  6. This is such a fun post!! I totally remember those costumes! It was always so exciting to pick out our costumes in those boxes! Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories!!


  7. Woah! Even Cinderella is super creepy! I’ve never really been a fan of masks, too many horror films maybe, and used to insist on facepaint for my kids most halloween 😀
    Brilliant to see these old photos though and to see some of the old costumes that have survived being modeled today- what fun!

  8. A fun walk down memory lane. My favorites wear the homemade costumes, but loved the Snoopy mask! My mom always handmade our costumes and they were the envy of the neighborhood! Later, she and I made costumes for my sons and I’ve saved them all!

    1. I am so glad that you save those costumes and I look forward to seeing future pictures of your grandchildren wearing them.

  9. What a fun trip down memory lane! I was born in 1961 so I remember these vintage costumes. My mom made most of our costumes that we wore but I do remember getting a store bought witch costume one year with the plastic mask. This post is so fun! I bet your “kids” in the classroom thoroughly enjoyed it. Too bad that Halloween has become part of the cancel culture. Thanks for sharing this Paula. 🙂
    P.S. – Your mom looks the same today as she did in that pic. Pretty as ever.

  10. These are the costumes I remember as a kid in the 60s. Love it! Thanks for sharing the My Big Fat Menopausal Life’s Share the Wealth Party – Have a fabulous weekend!

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