How to Make a Braided Bracelet

If you get Martha Stewart Living Magazine, you may have seen the awesome braided bracelet in the August 2010 issue.

I was immediately intrigued by this project and couldn’t wait to try to make my own.

The braiding on this bracelet is a bit tricky, but after a few tries I figured it out.  Here’s the directions page scanned from MSL:

You can also use this link to see the details of the pictures I scanned and to print out the directions for making a braided bracelet.

Use this link to watch a video of how to make this bracelet.

First I measured my wrist and added extra length for a snap.  I made my bracelet 1 1/2 inches wide.
Then I cut two slits leaving an inch uncut at each end.
Now comes the tricky part.  Pull the bottom through the right side.
Don’t worry, it is supposed to be twisted!
Braid left….
Braid right…
Braid left…
I attempted to take pictures of the next steps but couldn’t hold the braid and take the picture at the same time.  Refer to the sketches above as I explain. 
Pull the bottom through the left side and then braid right, left, right.
Then pull the bottom through the right side and braid left, right, left.
Do you see a pattern here?
Finally, pull the bottom through the left side and straighten out the braid.
MSL made holes with an awl and used embroidery thread to join the ends, but I got fancy and used a snap.

I love the braided bracelet that I made and am looking forward to making another one using leather.


  1. I like it better with the snap! Kudos to you for thinking to keep those vinyl scraps. Cute project, Paula! 🙂

  2. That is sooo cute!! I do like the snap better than the strings. Also, I love your shorts. I wish I could wear pattern on the bottom – so not a good thing on me though. Cute on you. I need to take up running like you so I can wear cute bottoms. Too bad I hate to run.

  3. Oooo! I like this – but it’d make a great gift too! Thanks for the inspiration (because I didn’t see MS do it! LOL!) Great blog!

  4. I likey too! Good for you for trying this project. Not sure I would have but it makes a classy bracelet. Thanks for giving us instructions, Paula.


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