Sherman’s DNA Results

Sherman Skulina's DNA Results

We recently received Sherman’s DNA results and were both surprised at the results.  We were sure that Sherman would be a German Shepard/Rottweiler mix but instead he is a Lab/German Shepard mix!

His family tree shows a lot of mixed breed dogs, thus our Rottie prediction still could be true.


Sherman's DNA


It makes perfect sense to us that Sherman has Labrador Retriever DNA.  His body shape looks like a lab, he is soft like a lab, and he loves the water.  Sherman can’t resist a swim no matter the temperature.

Sherman Skulina loves OBX


Sherman’s coloring and underbelly fur show his Shepard traits.

Sherman is Worn Out


I would love to have a more detailed DNA analysis of Sherman’s mixed breed traits.

Mixed BreedMixed Breed2

I can’t believe that Sherman has any Miniature Pincher DNA but the Pincher’s cousin, the Doberman Pinscher, could be in his mixed breed heritage.  Sherman has the facial coloring, body shape, and black fur like a Doberman.



I had to look up the Australian Kelpie because I had never heard of that breed.  The Kelpie looks a lot like a German Shepard, so perhaps he does have some Kelpie DNA.  This Black and Tan Australian Kelpie looks a lot like Sherman.

Black and Tan Kelpie


I can’t imagine that Sherman has Ibizan Hound DNA but good old hound dog DNA is probable.  Sherman points and he loves to hunt!

Ibizan Hound


No matter what his DNA, we love our Sherman just the way he is!

Sherman Skulina at Home


We used the test below for Sherman ordered from Amazon.  Our local chain pet store has the test but it is $40 more expensive.  We like buying local but couldn’t justify paying an extra $40 for the test.  (FYI – The link is an affiliate link.)


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  1. He has sweet eyes like a lab- and his snout is lab-like!

  2. Nancy Walker says:

    Hi Paula!
    Ya’ll are so cute with Sherman. I can’t believe you got his DNA tested. LOL. Baxter is a Lab mix. I have no idea what the “mix” is. He actually looks alot like a Lab just not as big as a full bloodied Lab. Still big though. So his and Sherman’s colorings aren’t the same. But, some of the pictures you’ve posted of Sherman have reminded me of things about Baxter. Labs are the sweetest dogs ever! So that is a great thing. I just hope Sherman doesn’t shed as much as Baxter… yikes! If he does, let me recommend the Roomba!

    Miss you Paula. Hope you are well.

    • Sweet Pea says:

      I miss you, Nancy! I really was surprised to see Lab in Sherman’s results but it does make sense. Sherman sheds like crazy! His hair is everywhere and I know it is going to be terrible this spring when he loses his winter coat.

  3. I’ve been so excited to find out the results too! Interesting. I love how they break it all down. When I first read the teaser that I might be surprised I thought you were going to say he wasn’t German Shepard!

  4. How interesting! I didn’t even know you could do doggie DNA for info like that.

  5. What fun, and thanks for sharing! I love the mystery of mutts. We had our little guy tested and I was sure he’d be a yorkie/pug mix (a porkie) and was I surprised by our results! No porkie at all. In fact, he’s so mixed they couldn’t identify much at all, but somewhere there’s Chihuahua and Maltese in his background. Aren’t mutts the best?

  6. I adopted my “Amos” from a pound in June 2012. He’ll be 2 years old next month. We’ve talked about it would be nice to know what his “breeds” are. The pound had ‘lab mix’ on his info. Our vet thinks maybe lab-hound. All I know is he’s 55 lbs. of love and energy. Never thought we’d make it thru that destructive puppy stage! Maybe this year we’ll do the DNA test to see what his real “make up” is. Your Sherman is absolutely gorgeous! Such a sweet face! You’re right, no matter what DNA results say, we love our babies.

  7. Nancy Walker says:

    Paula, get a Roomba. Seriously! The best purchase I ever made.


  8. Sherman is so handsome! I would love to have a dog like him someday! 🙂

  9. This is so interesting! Isn’t modern medicine/science absolutely amazing? No matter what his ancestory is, I can tell that Sherman is so very loved! He’s a lucky pup!

  10. grammygoodwill says:

    Very interesting. My first thought was Rottweiler when I saw his picture on FB. But I’m partial to those because my son had the sweetest one.

  11. Hi what a beautiful dog Sherman is. We adopted our dog Coco and have been wondering exactly what she is, boxer mix, boxer terrier or boxer pit and thanks for having the link on this post so I can do that to for her. Have a great day, Lisa

  12. such a great idea. love.

  13. What a fun little adventure this was! Sherman got all the right traits from his family tree…he’s a good looking dog. I’m sure y’all are glad to know a little bit more about him.

    The mixed breed possibilities are interesting.

  14. Sounds like you picked a good one. Has he been to the lake?


  1. […] This is one of Sherman’s latest pictures.  He loves to be outside, especially is there is a squirrel or deer around to chase.  If you are wondering about Sherman’s breed, you can check out his DNA test results. […]

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