DIY Glue Gun Holder

DIY Glue Gun Holder by Sweet Pea

A couple of weeks ago I pinned a glue gun holder from One Project Closer that I couldn’t wait to make with Mr. SP’s help.  This weekend we made not one, but two glue gun holders.  If you like this as much as I do, scroll down to enter to win. 

If you are handy in the workshop, you can make your own glue gun holder very easily. The directions on One Project Closer are quite clear and easy to follow.


Here’s a recap of our version:

1.  I knew I wanted to make one glue gun holder for myself and one to give to a winner, so we started by cutting pieces of wood to a length that worked with my glue gun and the leftover tile that we had on-hand.

2.  We then cut a piece of wood for the glue gun holder, cut an angle on the end, and drew a line down the center.

3.  The bottom of the U for the glue gun holder was made with a forstner bit.

4.  I cut along the lines to complete the U.  (That’s my granddad’s vintage band saw!)

How to Make a Glue Gun Holder 1


5.  All of the pieces were sanded smooth.

6.  A template for routing was made by drawing a center line down a piece of luan and then tracing the tile on the luan.

7.  The template was completed with the band saw.

8.  Mr. SP routed out a recessed place for the tile and drilled a hole so that the tile can easily come out for cleaning.  The angled piece to hold the glue gun was first glued in place and when dry was screwed from the bottom to be sure that it was secure.

How to Make a Glue Gun Holder 2


9.  Ready to paint!

Glue Gun Holder - Ready to Paint

10.  Two coats of paint later, two glue gun holders were complete.

Finished DIY Glue Gun Holders

I can’t wait to craft using my new glue gun holder.  Scroll on down to win your own!

DIY Glue Gun Holder from the back

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  1. I love my glue gun. This holder is just the thing I need. My next project will be an Easter wreath. I will use the glue gun to glue eggs and flowers to the wreath. Thanks for posting the directions to make one.

  2. I’m on a magnet making spree! Though I do have a Mardi Gras wreath lined up to be made (so many beads left over from this year) that’s begging for the glue. I would LOVE to win this gorgeous holder!

  3. fMy next glue gun project is something i just found searching on Pinterest for Easter ideas. I want to cover plastic eggs with hydrangea petals in several spring colors and put them on candlesticks. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  4. I love this! I am going to be making an Easter banner soon and it will probably call for some quick draw glue! I hate when my glue gun falls over while it is heating up. This solves that problem!

  5. My husband hates it when I use mine. It leaves little glue blobs where ever I rest it. This would help with the frustration A lot! I and my husband would be grateful!!!

  6. I’m currently figuring out what to do with a huge blank wall in my bathroom – after staring at it for six months! I plan on using my glue gun for a non-seasonal wreath I’m going to hang in there.

  7. Great minds think alike – I too bought the materials to make my own glue gun holder this weekend!! I am using a different tutorial (the one at From Shanty to Chic) and am painting mine pink to match my craft room!

  8. I’m working on a boxwood wreath. Wanted one for years, but they were too expensive. Decided if I wanted one, I could make one! Gathering the rest of my supplies today, and will start getting the glue gun fired up to help complete this long overdue project. Couldn’t live without that glue gun! Thanks for the giveaway, and for the awesome design!

  9. This is a pretty handy little tool! I don’t use a glue gun very often, but my mom sure does. I’m sure she would find this quite handy. I love the way Mr SP made it so that the tile comes out easily for cleaning!

  10. Wow, you build good things very well. I use a glue gun about every day and right now, a spring wreath for my door. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  11. What a great project! I love switching up the plates on my kitchen wall, but I’m not a fan of those plate hangers that show the 4 little “feet.” Another blogger has used a paper clip and a dab of hot glue. I’m thinking that might work, as I can peel it off and still stack the plates when it sin’t their turn on the wall. I’ve been using an old placemat for a glue gun mat, but it doesn’t work as a holder at all. 🙂

  12. Found you through The CSI Project website- love, love LOVE this! I seriously need one of these babies, can’t believe I never thought of making a holder for it! Great job!

  13. Such an awesome project and it looks great! I have tons of projects I need a glue gun for just need to get me one lol

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