How to Make Painted Speckled Eggs

I’m in full spring mode and made my first spring craft of the season, painted speckled eggs.

Speckled blue, green, and pink eggs in a wooden bowl filled with excelsior with a terracotta rabbit

This bowl of eggs is now on my kitchen table on a burlap and lace table runner that I made a few years ago and I’m so happy to have some spring decor in that spot to enjoy.

How to Make Painted Speckled Eggs

These eggs were fun to make and the great thing about this project is that you can paint the eggs to match your style of spring decor.

I chose to use green, blue, pink, and brown paint for my eggs.

Speckled blue, green, and pink eggs in a wooden bowl filled with excelsior


  • Faux eggs – I purchased mine at Walmart. These are similar as are these.
  • Craft paint in desired colors
  • Craft paint brush
  • Stiff bristled brush – I used a grout cleaning brush like this one.
Supplies to make painted speckled eggs

I did not use all of the paint colors shown here. When I took the picture, I had pulled out all of the possible paint colors that I thought that I might use.

After this picture was taken, I purchased brown craft paint to add the speckles to the eggs.


I found my eggs in the Easter section at Walmart and they worked perfectly for this project.

Step One Paint the Eggs using Craft Paint.

I used craft paint that I had on hand and made the blue and green colors lighter by mixing in white paint until I got a shade that I liked.

Tip: A paper plate is great to use for mixing the paint colors. I didn’t have a paper plate, so I used a piece of cardboard.

Step Two Whitewash the Eggs.

After painting the eggs, I whitewashed them.

Eggs painted green, blue, pink, brown with a white wash

To whitewash the eggs, put a small amount of white paint on your brush, then dab it against a paper towel or scrap piece of cardboard until there is not much white paint on the brush.

Brush the white paint on the eggs.

Step Three – Add speckles.

Put the eggs into a box where they won’t be able to roll around.

Eggs painted green, blue, pink, brown with a white wash

I found that using a stiff grout brush was the best way to add brown speckles to the eggs.

I first tried a toothbrush and I couldn’t get the toothbrush to spray paint onto the eggs using my finger.

The method that worked for me to add speckles was to pour some brown paint onto scrap cardboard, dip the end of the grout brush into the paint, then run my finger over the bristles to make the paint flick onto the eggs.

When the paint on one side of the egg is dry, turn it and repeat the process until all sides of the egg have brown speckles.

Speckled blue, green, and pink eggs in a wooden bowl filled with excelsior

Display the Eggs

I put some excelsior in a wood bowl and nestled the speckled eggs in with the excelsior.

Speckled blue, green, and pink eggs in a wooden bowl filled with excelsior with a terracotta rabbit

Now that I’ve completed my first spring craft project of the season, I’m ready to get my home decorated for spring and Easter.

My formal living room has a pink and green spring decor theme this year. You can see my pink and green mantel here and the rest of my pink and green spring decor here.

Since my living room is already decorated, my plan is to add spring and Easter decor to the other areas of my home. There will be bunny overload coming to these spaces very soon!

I would love for you to pin this post to Pinterest for others to discover!

How to Make Painted Speckled Eggs Graphic

I’ll be back later this week with another lake house basement project update. You can see my latest basement project post here.


  1. Great project! I have the craft eggs bought after the season last year on sale…this will be a great project for my granddaughters, since they are all home schooled for a few weeks..I’ll take the craft to them! I’m positive Sherman will love the extra time with both of you!, God Bless.

    1. Your granddaughters will have fun doing this project, June! Sherman is very happy that my husband is now working from home. He is beside his daddy 24/7 now!


  2. I will be doing this! I have been looking at speckled eggs and couldn’t find the right size for the right price, so now I can make my own!

    1. I had so much fun doing this craft, Rhonda! It’s also an inexpensive craft as the eggs and paint were not at all expensive. I’d love to see your eggs after you make them!


    1. Thank you, Julie! They are on my kitchen table, a spot where I enjoy them multiple times a day.


    1. I love speckled bakeware but I don’t have any. Speckled eggs would look beautiful displayed in your new purchases.


    1. Thank you, Kate! They were very easy to make and I love how they look on my kitchen table for spring.


  3. These are so prertty! I think I have what I need to make these, and I need some spring decor. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

  4. Grout brush. I would never have thought of that. I probably would have rubbed my finger across a toothbrush, I really like how these turned out. And I like the related posts too reminding me of other great Easter egg ideas.

    1. I tried a toothbrush but I couldn’t get the paint to spatter using it. The grout brush worked like a charm!


  5. Love your bunny and how he is protecting his eggs, Paula! Very cute idea!! Happy to feature your post at this week’s Share Your Style #249 (thank you for sharing last week!). <3 Stay well!

    Sending virtual hugs,
    Barb 🙂

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  8. I tried your method for making speckled eggs and am pleased with the results. Your recommendation to use a grout brush was “spot on”.

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! Glad the grout brush worked for you. I tried to make a toothbrush work but I couldn’t.


  9. These eggs turned out lovely! And are just perfect in that bowl too. I have a little pick up truck some would great in – might just have to paint up a few. I’ve chosen this as one of my features at this week’s Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party.

    1. These eggs would look great in a pickup truck! That is a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for the feature. I really appreciate it.

  10. Goodness, I thought I’d never scroll down far enough to leave a comment! LOL. Nice problem to have. 😉 Just wanted to let you know that we loved these so much we are featuring them on the Farmhouse Friday LP tomorrow! They are so cute and look so good! Thank you for sharing it!

  11. These are so cute. I saw some plastic eggs at Kmart the other day and wondered what I could do with them. Now I know. Thanks for sharing this amazing little project.

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