Smith Mountain Lake House Update

Smith Mountain Lake House Update

It’s been over two months since I gave you an update on our Smith Mountain Lake house.  The house was completed at the end of November and we finally spent the night there this past weekend.  We got a fun surprise when we woke up on Sunday:  snow!


Sherman Skulina at SML

We have had a lot of rain in Virginia in the past few months and you can tell by the state of Sherman’s paws that it is quite muddy around our house.


Duluth Lined Cargo Pants and Sherman Skulina

Even though the grass wasn’t planted until late November, it still germinated thanks to the warm weather we had in December.  If that hadn’t happened, we really would have a muddy mess at the lake.


Duluth Ponytail hat - This is the best hat ever!

On a side note, the ponytail hat from Duluth Trading that Mr. SP got me for Christmas is the best thing ever.  If you’ve tried shoving a ponytail into a hat, you know exactly what I mean.


Muddy Mess at Smith Mountain Lake

Our house came with no landscaping other than planting grass.  We desperately need to add sidewalks as it’s not at all pleasant to walk through mud to get into the house.

The driveway was supposed to be paved by our builder but the rain wouldn’t cooperate and the ground was never dry enough to do it so we’ve postponed that job until spring.  We are hoping that a load of gravel at the bottom of the driveway will help with the mud.

We’ve been taking things to the lake one trailer load at a time.  We originally planned to rent a Uhaul for a day but decided instead to invest in a trailer and move things a bit at a time.  This trailer will also be handy in the spring when it’s time to spread mulch both at the lake and at home.



Living Room at Smith Mountain Lake

The family room is now comfortable and ready to enjoy.  My mom gave us the Lazy Sofa, Mr. SP’s dad gave us the recliner, I made over the Cargo end tables last summer, and I won the Lazy Boy chair through a blog contest.  I’ll tell you more about the cedar chest that we are using as a coffee table next week.

We plan to get a rug after we get the mud under control.


Real Life at SML I’ve had contractor paper on the floors to help with the mud.  I’ll probably have to put it back down but it was nice to roll it up over the weekend to see what the house looks like without it.  We plan to take the media cabinet that Mr. SP built to the lake soon for the tv.  The black rocker that was a Goodwill find that I made over is waiting for nice weather to find its home on the deck.


Kitchen at SML

I’m slowly filling the kitchen with things that we’ll need at the lake.  The next purchase will be pots and pans.  We also want to get bar stools but haven’t found the perfect ones that fit our budget.  I’m still crushing on our lights.


An Old Wooden Stirrup Makes the Perfect Napkin HolderMy mom used to use this stirrup for napkins and passed it along to me.  Isn’t this a great repurposing idea?



Hall Bathroom at SML - Shower curtain is the Chelsea Paisley Print Microfiber from Target. The guest bath finally got a shower curtain.  I got it (Chelsea Paisley Print Microfiber) from Target.


Guest Bath at SML - Shower curtain is the Chelsea Paisley Print Microfiber from Target.

I bought a gray rug for this room from Ikea last summer but forgot to put it into place before taking the picture.  If Ikea were closer, I’d buy a lot more things there for this house.


Guest Room at SML

My father-in-law’s room is going to be decorated in an Americana theme.  This bed is Cargo and was one of Mr. SP’s first furniture purchases after college.  It’s been in our guest room and has been replaced there with an antique bed that was my grandmother’s.  Mattress shopping is on our “to-do” list.  It’s too muddy for a delivery truck to deliver so once we make a purchase, we’ll have to use our trailer to get the mattresses to our house.


Ikea Rast Patriotic Hack The Ikea Rast Patriotic Dresser that we completed last March makes a great nightstand.  Mama gave me the lamp and I’ve had the lampshade for a long time.  Mr. SP did the artwork when he was a child.


Mama's Room at SML

Mama’s room is still empty.  The iron bed that I plan to use here needs to be sand blasted before I can paint it.  A friend has a mobile service but needs a warm day to do the job.   I may or may not leave this nightstand in her room.  It was my grandmother’s and you can read about how I gave it a makeover here.


Lazy Boy Chair in Mama's Room at SMLOn the next trip I’m hoping to get a dresser into this room.  We are using a dresser that my mom had stored in her barn that we made over.  A new cabinet had to be made for it but were able to reuse the drawers.


Our Bedroom at Smith Mountain Lake - Sherman Skulina approves

The master bedroom is an absolute hodgepodge but it’s usable.  The mattress and box springs will go into one of the guest rooms after we buy a queen set.  Sleeping on a double bed with Sherman was a tight squeeze.  Luckily he doesn’t stay in bed long.


Our Bedroom at Smith Mountain Lake with Sherman Skulina

Mr. SP’s mom made the quilt for him long ago.  It’s always the quilt that I use when we go to the beach.  I’ll use it until we figure out the decor for this room.  I raided my basement stash to find side tables to use temporarily.  The one on the right side of the bed was my project for the monogram challenge for Themed Furniture Makeover Day.  The table on the left side was also a Themed Furniture Makeover Day piece, this one for a small table challenge.  The lamp on the left side of the bed is Fillable Clear Glass Ovo Lamp from Lamps Plus.  I got it by participating in Christmas in August lamp decorating contest.  I didn’t win the contest but I got the lamp, so that’s a win for me. 🙂  I found the Primrose lamp in someone’s trash, rewired it, and bought an shade for it at Lowe’s.



Master Bath at SML - Shower curtain is the Kassatex Paisely from TargetThe master bath also got a Target shower curtain.  This one is the Kassatex Paisley Shower Curtain in yellow/grey.  This room also has Ikea rugs but I forgot to put them out.


Sherman Skulina in our bedroom at Smith Mountain Lake In case you were wondering, Sherman loves the new house.  The bed meets his approval, especially if he is sharing it with Mr. SP.


Sherman Skulina on the Bed at SML Our big boy went to the vet on Saturday for his yearly exam and weighed in at 95.7 pounds.  We’ve been told to cut back on his treats to help him to lose a bit of weight.  You an see that he wasn’t thrilled with the news.


Sherman Skulina on the Sofa at SML

Sherman tested out the sofa this weekend and found it quite comfortable.  I’m so afraid that he’ll get red mud on it so it will definitely have to stay covered at all times.  I’m thinking about buying this sofa cover from Plow and Hearth.


Sherman Skulina Ready to Walk at Smith Mountain Lake It was so much fun to spend our first night at the lake and to take Sherman for a long walk in the morning.


Sherman Skulina with Me at SML   Sherman tells me that he’s ready to go the lake again next weekend and so am I!


  1. Yay!! These may be my favorite posts! I love seeing the progress on the house! Does it feel surreal to be moving stuff in and staying the night? And what a nice surprise: snow on your first night! I bet you’ll like it even more in the summer. 🙂 I love all the items that you have put in there already! It is looking so good! Plus, that stirrup for napkins is so neat!!

  2. OH! Another thought – that hat!!! I am going to buy one! I’ve always hated having to wear my hair down with a beanie. Thank you Mr. SP for buying that and you sharing it with us!!

    1. Thanks, Kimm! I can’t wait to get there again. We had a huge snow here so it may be a while before the driveway there is melted.


    1. We’ve only been able to stay there once but are looking forward to many fun weekends there in the near future. Our dog loves the lake!


  3. Its beautiful! I love that chair in your living room. Gorgeous fabric. Our two labs had to go on a diet last year. Each of them needed to lose 12lbs (I felt like a horrible dog mom for letting that happen). We switched to weight management food and used unsalted green beans as a filler (recommended by our vet) so they felt full with low calories. The weight came off over several months and they now look great and are moving around much better. 🙂

    1. I love the fabric on that chair, too, Kaylor. Thanks for letting me know about your dogs’ weight loss. Sherman is already looking much slimmer after just a week and a half. All we’ve done is cut back on his treats.


  4. Oh Paula, such a wonderful retreat…wow! Sherman looks so content in your beautiful new mountain lake home!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  5. Paula, I missed this post earlier. I am so happy for you! Your house at SML is just wonderful, and you DESERVE IT! It’ll be fun to see how you furnish it–I love the way you pull together antiques, repurposed pieces, and new purchases. Enjoy!!!

    1. Thank you, Richella. We have enjoyed it for a few weekends and I can’t wait to spend some time there this summer.


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