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How to Create a Winter Scene in a Jar

A winter scene in a jar is a decoration that can be used for both Christmas and winter decor. This project is easy to make and makes a great decoration.

Snow filled brandy sniffer with a Christmas scene including miniature trees, snowman, and deer

Today’s winter scene in a jar is part of a monthly Pinterest Challenge hosted by Cindy of County Road 407. Each month Cindy selects a picture from Pinterest and challenges our group to create our own version of the look.

Pinterest Challenge Graphic

Many thanks to Cindy for hosting this challenge.

If you arrived here from Decor to Adore, welcome!

Our Inspiration for this Challenge

Our inspiration for this challenge comes from Katrin at Northern Feeling who created a Simple Holiday Village in a Jar.

Simple Holiday Village in a Jar

Katrin used faux snow, miniature trees, twinkle lights, and houses she drew herself in her jar.

Winter Scene in a Jar

I had so much fun creating this easy to make Christmas decoration.

I intended to use a jar to make this but I spotted my grandmother’s brandy sniffer in my basement and decided to use it instead.

Granny didn’t drink Brandy out of this glass, it was used for flower arrangements. If she did use it for Brandy, it would have held a healthy serving.

Winter scene in a brandy sniffer surrounded by twinkle lights.

After a quick trip to Michaels and some rooting through a few Christmas totes in my basement, I was ready to make my version of Katrin’s winter jar.

Winter scene in a jar make with a snow filled brandy sniffer with a Christmas scene

Under the brandy sniffer, I used a layer of angel hair. Angel hair was very popular a long time ago for Christmas decor but it was made from spun glass and was removed from the market for safety issues.

My angel hair is a modern version that is completely safe to use for decorating. I wrapped twinkle lights around the base of the brandy sniffer. These lights look great lit at night.

Snow filled brandy sniffer with a winter scene

I taped the battery pack for the twinkle lights under the table to hide it.

How to Create a Winter Scene in a Jar

Step One – Assemble Supplies

Supplies needed to make a winter scene in a jar.

Step Two – Pour Snow into the Jar

Carefully pour snow from the bag into the jar. Be careful, this can quickly get messy!

Faux snow in a brandy sniffer

Step Three – Arrange the Trees

Decide how many trees you want to use and where to place them. Then nestle them into the snow in place.

Brandy sniffer with snow and two miniature trees

My brandy sniffer was only large enough for two trees. If I had used a large jar, I could have used more trees like Katrin did in our inspiration picture.

Step Four – Add the Other Miniatures

I started by adding a deer. To help with the placement, I had to use tweezers. I’m naturally shaky and someone with more steady hands most likely wouldn’t need the tweezers.

Brandy sniffer with snow ,two miniature trees, and a deer being added with tweezers

Next, I added a snowman. This little guy was leftover from making this Christmas ornament a few years ago.

Brandy sniffer with snow ,two miniature trees, deer, and a snowman

Finally, I added a second deer behind the two trees.

Brandy sniffer with snow, two miniature trees, deer, and a snowman

It was a super nice day when I created this and I made it outside. I then carefully carried it inside and decorated a spot for Christmas with it.

Christmas decoration with a brandy sniffer with faux snow and miniature trees, deer, and a snowman surrounded by twinkle lights.

Did you notice the beautiful wool plaid blanket behind my winter scene?

It was my dad’s and for some reason, my mom had it in her car the last time I saw her. Being the spoiled thang that I am, of course, Mama gave it to me when I asked her if I could have it.

The next blogger sharing her version of our inspiration picture is Kristin of White Arrows Home. Kristin lives in the north woods of Wisconsin in a log home on a lake and is a fellow vintage lover. I can’t wait to see what she created for this challenge!

More Projects to Enjoy

Many thanks to Cindy for organizing this fun monthly challenge!

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  1. You used your Grandmother’s brandy glass! Oh, how wonderful!!! I love it when we use things that have a special meaning! How creative! Paula your little glass is so inspiring! Just something like a brandy sniffer can be a sweet Christmas work of art! Magical!

  2. I love anything behind glass and adding lights, oh my! As it turns out I have already collected the items I need. Thank you for this inspiration, I learned a few tips and tricks.

  3. How adorable. Despite the fact that I have enough decorations for. two houses, this is so cute and really appeals to me. The only thing I need is the snow. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  4. You are so funny and we are so different. I don’t ask for anything. Even if I want it Although if something were my dads I probably would have asked. Love your glass scene and those precious old ornaments. Hope you make more with all of the treasures you have. I can see a full tablescape with each person having their own brandy glass with the most precious scene inside at the individual place settings! Thank you for always joining in. PInned. πŸ™‚

  5. As my granddaughter, Avia, would say, “Ooooo, dat’s so tooooot!” Such a mini little Christmas jar, and I love the vintage looking elements you brought in! Perfect for Christmas! I’m getting in the spirit! PInned!

  6. What a precious vintage scene, Paula! Something about these ornaments makes me feel really sentimental. The combination of the snowman and reindeer reminds me of the Christmas cartoons I watched as a child. It’s really charming. And yes, I noticed that pretty red blanket in the background.

  7. That is one grand brandy sniffer! It’s perfect for a little holiday craft. I love your sweet little figures in it. It reminds me of the very old Rudolf cartoon that I’d watch as a child. Love the nostalgia feel.

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