Christmas in Woodstock, Vermont – Part Two

We had such a great time enjoying Christmas in Woodstock, Vermont.

In my last post, I shared the beautiful Christmas decor in the Woodstock Inn.

While we were in Woodstock, the town got 2 feet of snow! In today’s post I’ll share what we enjoyed doing before the big snow. After the big snow will be another post.

Christmas in Woodstock, Vermont 2020

Christmas in Woodstock – Part Two

A huge attraction in the town of Woodstock is Middle Bridge. Check out this article to see the four covered bridges in the Woodstock area along with learning about the history of each.

Middle Covered Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont

My friend, Leecy, had a painting done of this bridge as a gift to me. You can see the painting in this post. A 2021 project will be making a frame for it.

Middle Covered Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont

Decorations in the Town of Woodstock

I love old houses and never get tired of walking around the town admiring the houses. Admiring them at Christmas time is extra special.

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

Planters in front of all of the businesses were beautifully decorated for Christmas. Soon this pretty planter would be covered with 2′ of snow!

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

This duplex was decorated with a naughty or nice theme.

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

The house next door to the duplex also used that theme but they chose nice. I liked how they made their planters look like Santa.

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

Just about every business and home was decked out for Christmas.

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

Guess who now wants a vintage pair of snowshoes to use for decorating? I loved how this looked on this door and it’s something that can be enjoyed until winter is over.

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

Mama and I both liked how this sewing machine base had been turned into a table. The bowl of greenery and berries on it was so pretty!

Christmas decorations in the town of Woodstock, Vermont

Hiking in Woodstock

One reason that we love vacationing in Woodstock is because we can hike without having to drive to a trailhead to do so.

Our favorite hikes are on Mt. Tom. Walking around the Pogue is a pleasure in any season. The lake was frozen, a disappointment to Sherman who loves to take a swim every time he hikes to the Pogue.

The Pogue frozen Christmas 2020

After visiting the Pogue, we hiked to the star at the summit of Mt. Tom.

Sherman and David Skulina hiking Mt. Tom in Woodstock, Vermont

My handsome fur baby loves these hikes.

Sherman Skulina hiking Mt. Tom in Woodstock, Vermont

We were lucky to get to experience this view in October and then 2 months later in December.

Town of Woodstock, Vermont from the top of Mt. Tom in winter

Mama was with us on this hike. She is 75 years young and hiked 7 miles that day!

Mt. Tom Summit Christmas 2020

Sherman relaxed for a bit while we enjoyed the view from this spot.

Sherman Skulina hiking Mt. Tom in Woodstock, Vermont

When we finished the hike, snow was falling. This was not the big snow that we experienced during our stay, just a hint of what was to come.

Sherman and David Skulina in Woodstock, Vermont Christmas 2020

Another day before the big snow, we hiked Mt. Peg. It was cold on our hikes but still super enjoyable. I later on stuffed this scarf in my pocket and then lost it on one of the cross country ski trails. When I discovered that it was gone, we had been out a few hours and I was too lazy to backtrack to find it.

Summit of Mt. Peg in Woodstock, Vermont


Fun Things to Do Near Woodstock

Mr. SP knew he would have to work some when we planned this trip but he ended up having to work A LOT, so much that he brought a monitor with him and had the inn bring a desk into our room.

He was able to hike most mornings and have morning coffee with Mama and me. Mama and I did fun things during the day while he worked.

Working remotely at the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont

The Vermont Country Store has two locations, one in Weston and the other in Bellows Falls. When we travel to Vermont, we always visit the Weston location.

Mama and I decided to drive to the Rockingham store in Bellows Falls. I hadn’t been to this location since we were on one of our inn-to-inn biking trips in the 90s.

Later in the week we went to the Weston location. It’s always fun to shop at The Vermont Country Store.

The Vermont Country Store Rockingham, Bellows Falls, Vermont

Mama and I also visited King Arthur Baking Company. I loved the dough snowflakes hanging in a window there.

Dough Snowflakes at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont

We also visited Quechee to tour Simon Pierce.

Quechee covered bridge in Quechee, Vermont

One thing that we have never done is dine at Simon Pierce. It is supposed to be a great place to eat.

Ottauquechee River in Quechee VT

Mama and I both loved these glass trees.

Glass trees at Simon Pierce, Quechee, Vermont

I hadn’t been here in a long time and I was looking forward to seeing the table dispays. They didn’t have as many as I remembered but we enjoyed checking out the ones on display.

Christmas table at Simon Pierce, Quechee, Vermont

Mama and I both loved this table centerpiece.

Christmas table centerpiece at Simon Pierce, Quechee, Vermont

In my next post, I’ll share the fun we had after 2′ of snow fell on the town of Woodstock.

I’ll close with this picture that shows another reason why we love the Woodstock Inn. Every morning when I had breakfast, I ordered sausage for Sherman to eat. Our waitress was a dog lover and this is what she did every day for Sherman.

Breakfast at The Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont

Update: Don’t miss part three of this wonderful trip.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas vacation! I can’t wait to see the next post with all the snow.
    Woodstock is on our bucket list. We have been to Bennington and Manchester but in the summer. Would love to see Vermont in the Fall and at Christmas. I also loved the stop in Williamsport, MD. I live near Frederick, MD and have never been there. Need to put that on the list.
    Great news on your insurance claim too.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Just beautiful! Can’t wait for Part 3 and 2 feet of snow! We live in PA near Wilkes Barre/ Scranton area and our town got over 15 inches of snow. Then, the rain and the wind came and poof it was gone. But, last night we got a beautiful dusting of the white stuff. I love snow when it is new – – pristine and lovely.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

  3. Beautiful!! I love the first picture you posted with the house, fence and the covered bridge….so very pretty!!

  4. Woodstock, NY … where’ve you been all my life! Your trip is right out of a Hallmark movie. I can’t wait for the next installment … and the snow! xo

  5. Oh man… I’m so jealous! And that one pic with the waterfall! Amazing… I could sit and stare at it ‘forever’! Pinning your visits to my travel board!

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