Spring Break :: Dock Staining

A big project on our spring “to do” list is to stain our dock.  Yesterday Mr. SP took the afternoon off so that we could head to the lake to put the first of two coats of stain on it.  3.5 hours later, all but a small portion that needs to be reached via kayak was brushed with a coat of stain.
Isn’t the difference incredible?
Dock StainingBA

We used a marine grade stain that Mr. SP found online that got good reviews.  The directions called for brushing or spraying the stain.  Hand brushing was pretty labor-intensive, especially for the flat spots, thus we are considering rolling the flat parts for the second coat to save time.

The day alternated between sun and clouds.  By the time we reached this point in the staining, we both were happy that the end was in sight.


We both were quite happy to get this task accomplished and we hope to have time to apply a second coat very soon.  On the way home we stopped at a few stores to look at outdoor furniture because we’d love to have a table and chairs to put under the covered area for relaxing and dining.  Everything we saw appeared poorly constructed with an expensive price, so our guests may eat on a portable card table this year.  I’d rather save my money to buy something good that will last for a long time rather than buy something cheap that will fall apart in a few years.

Today’s spring break goal is to put away Easter and do some cleaning.  I have a tennis lesson this afternoon and then play in my last tennis contract for the winter season.  What’s on your agenda for the day?

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  1. We’re at the lake this week painting the basement (we’re doing the bar as a tribute to JMU — just to have a little funzy spot). Since your painting muscles are all primed, you and Mr. SP should come help. Our dock needs sprucing up too.

  2. Your dock looks great! I went to the studio and painted from 9 ’til 2:30, then I was going to walk around the lake, but a freak storm is about to hit….rain was not even in the forecast!!! WTH???? I guess I am stuck with the elliptical today.

    *I need to put up Easter, too*


  3. WOW Paula! That looks great! Your arms got a great work out! (Speaking of that, I miss your work out posts!)

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