State Fair of Virginia

Last Friday I went to the State Fair of Virginia to help chaperone an 8th grade field trip.  Our group participated in an FFA forestry competition in the morning and then enjoyed the exhibits and rides the rest of the day.

My job for the day was to photograph our students while competing.  It wasn’t easy as there were several competitions going on at the same time.

I’m not sure of the official name for the competition below, but the object is to kick and roll a log a certain distance, turn it around using a special tool, and then to kick and roll it back to the start.  You can see that it requires teamwork, strength, and coordination.

Another competition is the log toss.  I can’t imagine that I’d be able to toss a log very far, but you would be impressed by what some of the high school boys could do.

Sawing is another competition.  I didn’t get our boys in action, but they did a great job. 

Our county high school was also at the competition and I ran into several of my former students.  My sweet little former 7th graders are now big men! 

Overall for the competition we came in 3rd for the state for middle schools.

After the competition, we took the kids through some of the agricultural exhibits.  Young MacDonalds Farm is a fun for kids of all ages as many of the animals can be petted.


This calf was born the day before we arrived.

The State Fair grounds were originally a horse farm that bred race horses.  Secretariat was from this farm and here’s his great-grandson.

This is a Zedonk, a sterile mix between a Zebra and a Donkey.  He lives in Stuarts Draft.

While the kids were riding rides, I toured the dairy barn.

I would have like to have seen the inside of The Meadows but it was not open to the public but can be rented for functions.

Secretariate’s stall is the one with the open door.

Beautiful quilts!

This man carved two amazing pumpkins.  (I am about 99% sure that I know the guy watching from growing up.  I wish now that I’d asked his name.)

It was a fun day at the fair.  If you live in Virginia, you should go!


  1. Oh my goodness. What fun you all had! I havne’t been to anything like this in years. What gorgeous stables.. the guy carving the pumpkins certainly had a talent. They were awesome..hugs ~lynne~

  2. Very cool. We just had our Kern County fair and seeing your pictures makes me wish I had gone. I love the pumpkin carver, what great artistic talent!

    I can’t believe how tiny you look next to your student…lol. His hand on your shoulder is bigger than your whole head!

    The picture with the baby pigs is so cute and I love those quilts! I would love to have one hanging behind my bed.

    Yep, wish I had gone to the fair this year, but so glad you shared your visit with us!

  3. This is awesome, Paula! What a cool field trip–that’s one I wouldn’t mind chaperoning! 🙂

    That baby calf–only a picture could convey that kind of sweetness. Thank you for sharing it!

  4. Missed you by a week. 😉 The girls loved it, but boy were those rides expensive!! We blew $100+ in just a few hours. :s Those pumpkins are so cool!

  5. Great pictures. I’ve only been to the state fair once, years ago. My niece took her little girl and said she had to “peel” her away from the baby chicks. Congratulations to your school’s FFA.

  6. A zedonk! I’ve never heard of that. 🙂 And log tossing–I’d probably get a good laugh out of trying that myself.

    Isn’t it fun seeing former students who have grown up? They always look different even after just a year, or even just a summer (especially the boys).

  7. WHAT FUN!!! I love all the pictures, especially the calf. I’ve never seen a zedonk so thanks for sharing that. I love all the fair exhibits. It’s so cool about it being the horse farm were Secretariat was. Great movie, by the way!

    Looks like you had a good time with your students. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

  8. Paula, I had no idea that the VA State Fair was in Doswell; maybe next year we can meet there, its probably less than 2 hrs from me !

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