Tuesday’s Mailbox Surprise

I’ve been taking a class this week at a local college for recertification and it is kicking my behind. We are in class from 9 – 4 and are given homework each night. The college is about a half hour from my home, so I haven’t done much this week other than class or homework. Last night I finished my homework around 7:30 and went outside to water my plants. I noticed that the storm door was partly open meaning that a package was in the door. The package was a prize for winning a contest celebrating Biscuits are Never Boring‘s 400th post. Her blog is one of my favorite reads.

Look at the adorable Lilly belt that I won. I’m taking it to the beach to wear with white shorts. How perfect will that be? I might even wear my belt to class today.

I just love this belt and it was the perfect pick me up after a long day.


  1. Oh Paula, that really is so cute. Congrats on the win!

    I didn’t realize you were going to be taking a class. Sounds like reading at the beach is a wonderful reward.


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