Unique Before and After

Our good friends, Keith and Nicole, bought a house last fall that came with a tennis court.  The house was, I’m guessing, built in the 1950’s and the court was installed in 1978.  Apparently in 1978 it wasn’t outrageously expensive to built a court.  The owners at the time were really into tennis and decided that a court was just what they needed.  A neighbor told Nicole that they had Saturday night parties where several couples played and then ate dinner together.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

The house and yard have been neglected for many years.  Keith and Nicole plan to, one project at a time, return this property to its former glory.  Their first big outdoor project was to have the tennis court resurfaced.

Here’s the court last November.

Here’s the court now:
Nicole invited three of us over last Sunday to practice for a match that we were to have Monday night.  I played with Elsie and Nicole played with Gina.  (Nicole and Keith bought this house from Gina.  It’s a small world in my town.)  We played two sets and had a blast.  I hope that this is the first of  many fun tennis evenings at Keith and Nicole’s house.
The practice worked like a charm.  Nicole and Rachael (Gina was the alternate) defeated their opponents 6-0, 6-0.  Elsie and I lost the first set, won the second set, and then won the tie-breaker 10-8 to take the match. 
Nicole and Rachael are all smiles after their big victory!

Our team has three more matches this season.  I play my last match today as I’ll be at the beach when the last two are played.  I’m hoping to end the season with a win!


  1. That would be so fun to have a tennis court in the backyard. But even better yet to have a friend who has one!

  2. That is a really cool transformation, and looks like a lot of fun.

    It would however, be LOST on me.

    Once when we were dating, Fisherhubby tried for about 10 minutes to teach me to play tennis, at the end of which time he came across the net, took the racket away from me, looked me dead in the eyes and said: “You cannot play tennis. Never try again.”

    And I can’t, and I haven’t!!!

  3. It looks great. I have a girlfriend here who bought a house with a tennis court. She doesn’t play but her nieces and nephews use it. It’s a neat thing and I can imagine if you played as much as you do Paula, it would be great!

    Good luck with your match today. And have a great time at the beach… JEALOUS!

  4. Neat “makeover!” T used to play competitively, but I’ve never tried. 🙂 Hope you win your match!

  5. Hi Paula,
    Wow, the court looks fantastic now! I bet they will transform the entire house and property into a real show place.

    Thanks for visiting me over at Nancy’s Tidbits! Yea, walking is a great time for me to think and spend quiet time alone. I’m sure you enjoy running for the same reasons.

    Have a great day!


  6. What fun. The best part is all the trees around it giving everyone privacy. There’s going to be lots of great times.

  7. That looks so cool! I am horrible at tennis, but I love to play. How fun it would be to have it in your backyard – Hubby and son “J” would looove it! It looks GREAT!

    Did you win your last match?

  8. It looks great!

    And what a fun tradition to have tennis nights!

    I have only played tennis for P.E. class in high school, and I was TOTAL spaz!

    I did date a member of the tennis team though. I think I was better at the dating part then the playing part!

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