An Update

A week without blogging? That’s just too long!

Here’s what’s been going on with me:
Mr. SP (I’m going to call my husband that from now on) had to leave for an unexpected business trip last Friday. I was on my own until Tuesday. The time passed quickly, but I sure did miss him and was so glad when he arrived home safely.

Last Saturday was my uncle’s surprise retirement party. My cousins did a great job of hosting it and he didn’t have a clue what was going on. His official last day was Wednesday, April 30. He and my aunt left for an RV trip at 4 am on May 1. Their first destination was Memphis. I hope that they are having fun! They will travel until the end of June, come home for one day, and then go to beach for two weeks. I would really miss my home if I left it on May 1 and was not back home to stay until July 5. Here he is at the party with his two grandsons.

I spent the night with Mama last Saturday night since the party was 1 1/2 hrs from my home. On Sunday morning we drank a lot of coffee and had a good time visiting. The Master Gardeners hosted a plant sale Sunday morning at a local elementary school and we couldn’t not go! I bought annuals to plant in various planters and some herbs. I was in hog heaven Sunday afternoon potting up all of my new things. One plant that I bought, a Black Eyed Susan vine, I’ve never grown. I’ve seen it in magazines and have always been intrigued by it. I put the one I bought on my deck because I’m sure the deer would feast on it in my yard. I found a small trellis that Mr. SP made a few years ago and had never been used. I sawed off the legs and it fit perfectly in this pot. I think it will be really pretty once the trellis is covered with blooms.

Here’s what the plant should look like at maturity:

My friend and I went to see this movie Sunday night. I loved it!

The rest of the week was filled with school and tennis. The 7th grade boys are very hard to manage at this time of year. The girls are still sweet and well behaved, but the boys, my oh my, do they give me a time! I still love them, but to be honest, I’m counting down the days until school is out. (19 more)

My friend broke her wrist at our tennis match on Tuesday. I hate that for her. She’s our #1 singles player and is like me in that she loves to be active. I hope that she’ll recover quickly.

Mr. SP and I spent the evening at the lake last night. It was a perfect way to end a work week.


  1. Your uncle and his grandkids are so cute. I would not want to be away from my home so long.

    Love your black eyed susan vine. I’ll have to find out if we can grow them here.

  2. Love the Black Eyed Susan vine, I’ve never seen one before. I will have to check out the garden center for one next time.

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