Vacation #1

Mama and I are headed to St. Louis this morning to visit a cousin.  I’ve never been there and am really looking forward to seeing a different area of the country.

Any suggestions on what we must see and do besides the arch?  Please share!

Have a great week!  We’ll be back on Friday, just in time for a huge tennis tournament in my town.  Fun times!


  1. Paula, we were there for Spring Break 2009. Besides the Arch and the Gateway Museum, we also liked the City Museum and the zoo (free!). I would recommend going to an Italian restaurant in The Hill district. It’s basically Little Italy of St. Louis and there are some wonderful Italian restaurants in that part of town.

  2. Have fun!!! The only thing I remember from St. Louis is Six Flags because I was 12 last time I was there. I’m not much help.

  3. Have a safe and fun trip! I am heading out later this week for a short little vacay…woohoo!

  4. I love St. Louis! And so much is free – the zoo, the museums near that huge park. I think Grant Farms is free – great for kids. There are some quaint little towns that are in St. Louis with cute shops -but I cannot remember the names. (Mary Engelbreit is from there and may have a little shop in one of those areas).

  5. One word – BBQ. My personal favorite is Gates but St. Louis is a wonderful place for everything BBQ and jazz/blues clubs.

  6. Paula: if you get the time drive to St. Charles which is on the river. Cute stores on brick lined streets and a nice little restaurant called The Lewis & Clark.

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