Vintage Christmas Monday

vintage christmasI’m joining Joan at Anything Goes Here for her third Vintage Christmas Monday.  If you are a lover of vintage or antiques, check out Joan’s blog.

My mother has very fond memories of her neighbor’s Econolite sitting on top of the tv from when she was a child.  We found one at an antique sale a few years back and have been on the hunt for another.  We found this one on a girl’s trip to Chicago and she gave it to me for my birthday.  I love it!

IMG_1804 IMG_1806

I love collecting vintage Santa boots and other Santa items.  I display them at Christmas in my kitchen.

I need to add greenery to this display.  The first picture is 2009 and the second is 2008.  The Santa and reindeer on the top shelf in the 2008 picture are the only items that are new.

IMG_1838 IMG_6888

My grandmother made this tree skirt in the 70’s for my family.  Mama let me have it and I love using it.  Granny must have spent hours making it.


IMG_1820 IMG_1817

This cheerful display is in my kitchen.  The vintage cookie cutters were Granny’s, the jar was given to me by Mama, and the Santa boot and apothecary jar were a recent find.


I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of my vintage Christmas items.  They sure are fun to collect!


  1. I had forgotten all about the scenery lighting! Thanks for sharing your neato vintage christmas.

  2. Love your collections!! That tree skirt is too fabulous!! Makes me want to make them for my children. Maybe that will be my project for next Christmas 😉 xoxo

  3. Hello Paula, your vintage Christmas items are wonderful… I love the treeskirt your grandma made, what a treasure! And those little old boots are precious! Bisous… Julie Marie

  4. Very cute. Is that the $2.00 apothecary jar you cleaned up and put the peppermints in? What wonderful ideas and collectibles. Those are true treasures. I inherited my grandmothers recipes when she passed away. Grandmothers are always the best cooks and I have all of her wonderful recipes to share with my kiddos.

  5. I love it all! Your little Santa boots are too cute, and the tree skirt is lovely…what a special piece. 🙂

  6. I love everything that you’ve shown! That tree skirt is so precious. What a great keepsake, and all of those boots are wonderful! I found my first one this summer, and that’s all I have! But my favorite of all is that Econolite. It must cast such a sweet homey glow at night!
    Happy VCM!

  7. I never saw an Econlite before. It sure has a warm & cozy look. Your tree skirt looks like fun too–I always like the idea of having a train curve around the tree.

  8. I love the tree skirt your grandmother made. The Santa on it is too cute!! You have a lot of great vintage items.

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