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Vintage Monday – Patriotic Decor

Happy 4th of July week!  I hope you are off and doing something fun with your family.

For this week’s Vintage Monday, I’m sharing Vintage Patriotic Décor.  My last Vintage Monday post was about Vintage Oyster Tins. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Vintage Monday

48 Star Flag

I love Americana décor and decorated my father-in-law’s room at the lake in red, white, and blue.  My favorite thing in his room is a 48 star flag that once belonged to my grandmother’s cousin.  After my mom gave it to me, I framed it and for a long while it hung over Mr. SP’s desk.  I love how it looks at the lake over the bed.

You can see more of this room’s décor here.


48 Star American Flag - virginiasweetpea.com


“Old Glory” Flag Print

This “Old Glory” flag print originally was found in a classroom.  I found it in a dumpster outside of a retired teacher’s home who had moved into a retirement home.  The owners hired an estate company to clean out their house, and my friend Suzanne and I raided the dumpster every night after they left.

The frame was found on an early morning run.  I had to run a few miles with it, but it was worth it.  I had a frame shop put the two together and it’s now great patriotic décor.  This also is in my father-in-law’s room at the lake.

I once used this print for a Patriotic Themed Mantel.  The mantel didn’t get decorated for the 4th this year.  Oops.

Vintage "Old Glory" American Flag Print - virginiasweetpea.com


Small Eagle Bowl

Isn’t this piece pretty?  My friend Suzanne found it at Estates Revisited and knew that I would enjoy using it for 4th of July decorating.  Suzanne is the author of a history blog, Appetite 4 History.

Vintage American Eagle Bowl


4th of July Post Card

This post card was sent to my Great-Great Aunt Willye in 1907.  I wonder who in Lynchburg sent it to her?

4th of July Post Card from 1907 - virginiasweetpea.com

4th of July Post Card from 1907 - virginiasweetpea.com


4th of July Hat

This vintage 4th of July hat belonged to the son of the great-great uncle who built my mom’s 1912 house.  He also was the original owner of the framed flag that we have at the lake.

Vintage 4th of July Hat -virginiasweetpea.com


I display this hat nearly every year.  This picture shows it with a Blenko vase and what probably is a Blenko candle holder.  Both belonged to my grandmother.

Vintage 4th of July Hat and Blenko Vase - virginiasweetpea.com


Bicentennial Jar

I found this Bicentennial lidded jar at a yard sale this summer.  If you were around in 1976, you know that the eagle motif was quite popular.

1976 Bicentennial Jar


Bicentennial Ball Jar

This looks like an old lidded gar but it’s actually a reproduction from 1976.

1976 Bicentennial Ball Jar - virginiasweetpea.com


The back has this stamp signifying that it was produced to celebrate America’s Bicentennial year.

1976 Bicentennial Ball Jar - virginiasweetpea.com


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my Vintage Patriotic Décor.  I have fun pulling it out each year!

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  1. I graduated high school in 1976 in Charlottesville, Va. Queen Elizabeth visited Charlottesville that summer. Her limo drove within feet of me on her tour.

    1. What an awesome memory! I don’t remember Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Charlottesville but I’ll bet that my mom does. I can’t wait to ask her!

    1. Your comment made me remember a Betsy Ross doll that I got in 1976 for the Bicentennial. I’m going to have to find it in the attic and put it with my 4th of July things to use for next year.

      I hope that you are doing well. I know you’ve had a busy summer!


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