Patriotic Mantel with Vintage

I come from an American loving patriotic family. Ever summer I enjoy decorating our home patriotically to celebrate the USA. Today I’m sharing the Patriotic Mantel with Vintage that I decorated in our formal living room.

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with American flags, milk glass, and a 1943 Coca-Cola Our America poster.

Patriotic Mantel with Vintage

Our living room is decorated patriotically and seeing the red, white, and blue everyday makes both me and my husband very happy.

1943 Coca-Cola Framed Poster

My patriotic mantel started with a framed “Our America” 1943 Coca-Cola poster.

I have five more posters from the set hanging in our lake house living room.

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with vintage.

These posters and a slew of other treasures were all found in a dumpster.

Milk Glass Vases & Rag Garland

After hanging the poster, I flanked either side of the poster with milk glass vases filled with flags and Baby’s Breath.

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with vintage.

I made a red, white, and blue garland for the center of the mantel. This was an easy DIY and I love the pop of color that it gives.

To get the flags in the exact position that I wanted them, I glued them to the inside lip of the vase. Hopefully, they will come out easily when the time comes to undecorate.

Milk glass vases with American flags and Baby's Breath on a mantel decorated patriotically.

I love using Baby’s Breath because the blooms look as good dried as they do fresh.

Milk glass vases with American flags and Baby's Breath on a mantel decorated patriotically.

The majority of my Milk Glass vases belonged to my grandmother.

Patriotic Display on the Hearth

The fireplace hearth is also decorated patriotically.

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with vintage.

The folding paper hat belonged to my grandmother’s cousin and was passed along to me by my mom.

The hat along with American flags displayed in a florist vase are displayed in a Coke crate that I scored in an Amherst antique shop.

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with vintage.

Under the Coca-Cola crate is my grandmother’s suitcase. My mother passed this along to me and the deal was that I also had to take the suitcase contents.

It’s filled with Christmas bows but every Christmas I forget that I have them.

Patriotic Display with vintage suitcase, Coca-Cola crate, American flags, and a vintage red, white, and blue hat.

In Front of the Mantel

I’m still loving the new chairs that I purchased this spring.

The table between the chairs holds a 4th of July centerpiece that I made a long time ago. In fact, this was the first woodworking project that I completed with Mrs. SP’s help.

I usually display this all summer on my kitchen table at the lake but this year I’m using it here.

You can see the patriotic vignette with vintage that I recently shared on the music stand in the background.

Flag Display holding six American flags with a two wooden star base.

The rest of the living room is decorated patriotically and I’ll soon share all of the details.

Living room and mantel decorated patriotically with vintage.

Now that our living room is decorated patriotically, I have a few plans for decorating the dining room with the same theme since the two rooms are adjoining.

Hurray for America and God Bless the USA

Patriotic Ideas

Every year I love decorating my home with red, white, and blue for patriotic holidays. These are some of my favorite patriotic posts.


  1. Your mantel is beautiful, Paula! That framed poster is awesome and I love the way it ties into the Coca Cola crate! All the red, white and blue patriotic colors blend perfectly into your living room. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Good morning, Paula I like your patriotic living room! We don’t use red in our decorating much–but just have to pull out some for Memorial Day and leave it up at least thru the 4th of July! I suggest you write yourself a note and put it in with your Christmas wrapping paper or decor to remind yourself to get out those Christmas bows–or maybe jot a note on your calendar. I have an old “train case” of my mothers that I love, too.

    1. Thank you for you kind compliment and also your wonderful suggestion to put a note with my Christmas paper to remember those bows. I am going to do that!


  3. I agree with Marilyn; I leave my bits of RW&B up till mid-July. Ypur ;living room looks so serene. Love old CocaCola things–even though I am a Diet Pepsi fan! Yesterday as I rearranged stuff at my antique/vintage booth (place opens today), I made a small vignette of patriotic and RW&B things; I was pleased with the result!

    1. I know you were so happy that your booth space could finally reopen. Your customers are sure to enjoy your patriotic vignette. I haven’t yet gone out to our local antiques places and I really need to do so soon to support the vendors.


  4. Such beautiful patriotic decor, Paula! I love your mantle with the flags and baby’s breath. The suitcase and Coca-cola crate add such a beautiful, vintage feel. Pinned!

    1. Thank you, Laura! I have been going nuts with patriotic decor this May and June. I kind of did a happy dance when I saw the picture that Cindy picked for this month’s Pinterest Challenge. It’s right up my vintage-loving patriotic alley!


  5. Paula, your vintage Coca-Cola poster is so cool! I can’t believe you found it in a dumpster. What are people thinking? That was a lucky find for you, though 🙂 I love all of the other vintage pieces too…the milk glass, Coco-Cola crate, paper hat and suitcase. Your living room looks lovely! Pinned!

    1. That dumpster was a honey hole for vintage lovers. They threw out so much great stuff including a ton of milk glass. My friend and I retrieved all sorts of unbroken glasses, dishes, storage containers, etc. and took it all to Goodwill. One of the homeowners was a teacher and the Coke posters were in with her teaching things. I got bunches of notebooks and loose-leaf paper that I took to school to use.


  6. You always do such a lovely job with your seasonal mantels, Paula! I especially love that garland, and fun to see you have the tutorial up for it already! Pinned, and I’m excited to be featuring you this week at Tuesday Turn About!

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