Vintage Patterns

My mom created a cute display in an upstairs bedroom on Walnut Avenue that serves as both her closet and her laundry room.  Mama has had these patterns for years and years.  She knew that one of these days she’s think of the perfect place to display them.

I have a feeling that more will be added to this display as she unpacks more boxes and finds more of her “lost” treasures from the move.

I think that I’d really like to have the blouse on the left.

Do you see that a size 20 is a 38 bust and a 41 hip?  I doubt very seriously that that’s the sizing for a size 20 in 2010.

On a side note, I’m glad that these patterns have survived all of these years and that someone hasn’t created some sort of craft with them.  It makes me sad to see someone ruin a vintage item by making some sort of craft that is destined to be thrown away in a few years.  That’s just my opinion, but I hate to see someone ruin something old.  I guess the crafter who has created something that they think is cute doesn’t think that they are ruining it.


  1. Those are so cool!!! Funny, b/c I was thinking that they’d look cool in a framed grouping. I don’t think that would count as ruining them if you didn’t cut them up at all, but I can certainly see your point. 🙂

  2. What a fantastic idea!!! So smart! I love old patterns. I think I was born in the wrong era. I adore that coat!! Sooo cute! That sizing is super scary! I don’t even want to think about that!

  3. Those are beautiful, Paula! What a great way to display them without harming them.

    I find it fascinating to consider women’s sizing. I looked at L.L.Bean (which just seems like a reasonable, high-quality but non-vanity clothing manufacturer) size chart. A misses’ size 12 is a 38 1/2″ bust and 41″ hip. Things have changed a bit, haven’t they?

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