Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Bottles and Mason Jars

Vintage bottles and Mason jars are great items to use for home decor. Today I’m sharing Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Bottles and Mason Jars that are sure to inspire you to use these items in your home decor.

Ideas for Decorating with Vintage Bottles and Mason Jars

I am happy to be joining a group of blogging friends who share my love of vintage and antiques for a themed series where we share ideas for decorating with vintage.

This is an every other month series hosted by my blogging friend, Cindy of County Road 407.

Graphic for blog hop focusing on explaining how to use vintage items for home decor.

These are the other ideas for decorating with vintage items that I’ve shared in this series:

Today’s ideas are all about using vintage bottles and Mason jars for home decor.

If you arrived here from Decor to Adore, welcome!

Decorating Ideas Using Vintage Bottles and Mason Jars

We’ll start with vintage bottle ideas and then move on to ideas using vintage jars.

Use Bottles on a Mantel

For a late summer mantel, I used vintage brown bottles on my mantel along with clear vases holding dried Hydrangea from my yard.

Vintage brown bottles on a mantel with a clear vase holding Hydrangea

My mom gave me three of the four jars that I used for this summer to fall transitional themed mantel.

The brown jug above originally held vinegar and the smaller one beside it is a Fleecy White bleach bottle.

Mantel decorated with Hydrangea in a vase and two vintage brown bottles.

The other side of the mantel has a vintage brown jug with an interesting pattern and another Fleecy White bottle.

The same brown jug made an appearance in this year’s fall decor on a music stand to the left of our mantel.

Fireplace and mantel decorated for fall

Use Bottles in a Vignette

This vignette using vintage bottles was on my coffee table last fall.

Fall coffee table decor with Hydrangea in a vintage crock, a stack of books with a vintage vase, and three vintage bottles

Mama gave me the 1950s Mason’s Root Beer bottle long ago. 

The brown liquor bottle was in a box filled with old liquor bottles that my neighbor was giving away. 

The small clear glass bottle was dug on my grandmother’s farm.  They used to bury their trash and if you know where to dig, you can find some neat bottles that were thrown away long ago.

vintage bottles used on a coffee table

When I purchased my Ahalt whiskey bottle, the seller included this Old Horsey bottle along with it.

My maiden name is Ahalt and growing up my dad used to tell me about a relative who distilled Ahalt whiskey. Read all about the history of my Ahalt whiskey bottle and the framed bank receipt displayed with it in this post.

Old Horsey was a distillery just down the road from the Ahalt distillery in Burkittsville, Maryland.

Last fall I decorated my husband’s office desk with vintage and created this display on top of his filing cabinet to the left of his desk displaying my Ahalt bottle along with 1897 check associated with the distillery.

Emlyn Edwards painting with Ahalt distillery in Middletown, Maryland whiskey bottle and bank receipt.

Brown bottles were used to decorate the top of a vintage radio in my family room a few years ago.

Fall decor with a wooden tray decorated with a small platter with a fall scene, an antique cast iron shoe form, a glass insulator, and in the background three vintage brown bottles.

Bottles make a frequent appearance in my decor. These two bottles were used for a spring vignette.

Spring Vignette with vintage bottles, vintage pitcher, and a faux rosemary plant in a basket

You may remember from this post where ideas for decorating with vintage books were shared that I shared not only my ideas but also my mom’s ideas.

Mama created this pretty fall vignette for her porch using an identical jug that I used on my mantel. Now I know where I got my jug, Mama gave it to me!

Outdoor fall display with a vintage lantern, dried gourds, a crow, and a vintage bottle filled with dried Hydrangea.

Ideas for Using Vintage Mason Jars

Now let’s move on to ideas for using vintage Mason jars for decorating.

Use Jars on a Mantel

For this summer mantel, I used vintage Ball jars inherited from my family.

Decorate a summer mantel with vintage mason jars and lemons.

Vintage canning jars made another appearance on this spring mantel.

Spring Mantel decorated with vintage blue Ball jars, vintage glass insulators, Eucalyptus, and an antique mirror topped with a Peony hoop wreath

Use Vintage Canning Jars in a Vignette

This vignette was on my coffee table for patriotic decor this past summer.

Patriotic Vignete with vintage Mason jars, vintage clear glass jug holding flags, and white milk glass compote with a faux plant and an American flag pillow in the background

The two canning jars are from my family and according to the research I did on them, they are both from the 1920s.

Vintage Atlas Mason Jar and Lynchburg Standard Mason Jar and a Vintage Insulator

The Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason jar along with the Lynchburg Standard Mason jar were used by my family.

Use Jars for a Centerpiece

A group of vintage canning jars along with vintage insulators makes a great table centerpiece.

The vintage dough board holding my Ball jars and insulators belonged to a distant relative. It makes a great base for my centerpiece.

Centerpiece with Vintage Ball Jars and Insulators

Make a Candle Using a Vintage Jar

Mama melted old candles to make these Mason jar candles. She uses them outside on the porch of her 1912 home.

Candles made using vintage Ball Jars

Decorate with Vintage Mason Jars

When our group shared Decorating Ideas for Vintage Baskets and Crates, I included ideas from my cousin, Stacey.

Stacey is back sharing her Mason jar ideas!

In her kitchen, Stacey decorated the side of her kitchen cabinet with a vintage Ball jar filled with wheat.

Stacey is a talented seamstress and I’ll bet my bottom dollar that she made the curtains in her kitchen.

Ball Perfect Mason jar filled with wheat hanging on the side of a cabinet.

Another candle holder in Stacey’s kitchen holds a vintage Atlas E-Z Seal jar with dried beans.

Atlas E-Z jar with beans hanging beside a door.

Stacey’s sewing room is decorated with this jar filled with vintage spools of thread.

Vintage spools of thread in a Mason jar.

My family is a family who loves antiques and vintage, especially inherited family items.

Stacey decorated the top of one of her kitchen cabinets with vintage jars, many of which were used by our grandmother.

vintage canning jars displayed on top of a cabinet

Use a Vintage Mason Jar to Make a Lamp

Mason jars make a great lamp. Here Stacey used one to create an oil lamp.

Vintage Mason jar used to make an oil lamp

Stacey made another lamp with a vintage Mason jar that she uses on her antique sewing cabinet.

Antique sewing table topped with an Econolite, lamp made from a vintage canning jar, angel, and sea glass.

To make a lamp like Stacey’s, all you need is a lamp kit like this one.

If you are wondering about Stacey’s lamp, it’s a vintage Econolite motion lamp. Mama has an Econolite lamp and so do I. Mama purchased mine on a trip and carefully transported it home in her airplane carry on.

Use Mason Jars for Organization

Stacey keeps her knitting needles handy by storing them in Mason jars.

Kitting needles stored in Mason jars

A sewing organizer made from a Mason jars keeps sewing necessities handy beside Stacey’s sewing machine.

Mason jar sewing organizer

I love sharing antiques and vintage with you. I hope you found some inspiring ideas from me, my mom, and my cousin.

If you are hopping in order, next on the tour is Angie from Postcards from the Ridge. I always enjoy Angie’s decor and know that you will as well.

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  1. One of my favorite things about your blog is how you mix family treasures seamlessly into your home decor. These ideas are all so fun and I love how completely relatable they are too. I have a few blue jars but it was so fun to see how many jars from your grandmother that Stacey used above her cabinets. And don’t even get me started on the Ahalt whiskey connection. That is so cool! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Oh my goodness, soooo many ideas! Loved them all. My husbands great grandfather was the Post Master General and a republican. When they held office, he worked. When the democrats held office, he still worked – by making and selling bottled soda’s. Like grape, orange, etc. We have one bottle (I need to find it) from that time. So fun to hear stories like that! Thank you for joining us. Your post was fabulous. Pinned!

  3. To upcycle glass bottles and vases of any color and shape is amazing. Nice article Paula! You gave me a lot of ideas. Thank you!

  4. Loving that wonderful lamp with the Mason Jar base. The old ones are so interesting and unusual. I love all your ideas for using them. Hope you’re having a great early Fall weekend.

      1. Thank you so much for the link. What a great job you and your husband did on that cabinet.
        I am begging to think Virginians love history and old things. I collect glassware. So many young people don’t want grandma’s “old stuff” and donate it, so I bring it home to love.
        Do any of you know how we became so attached to Chinoiserie and Asian pieces on the east coast ?
        I assume it was the trade route.

  5. What a lovely post, Paula… and Stacey’s ideas are great, too! Love the insulators you have! I’ve def got some ideas for decorating my open shelving in my wee kitchen! Pinned!

  6. I love your brown jug with the interesting pattern, Paula! So pretty. And I love the aqua ball jar and insulator centerpiece with the the sunshine streaming through them; simple and classic. Always love seeing all your fun vintage finds and how you use them!

  7. So many great ideas!!! You have quite the collection of lovely jars and bottles. I love the amber colored glass, especially for fall!! You late summer mantel decor looks so beautiful! Love it!!!

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