Loving Summer

I have ten more days to enjoy summer and then it’s back to work. The past two days I’ve played tennis in the morning and then spent the afternoon at the pool. I can think of a million things that I could be doing at home, but the pool is much more fun.

I realized yesterday that I haven’t cooked a meal in a week. How lazy is that?? When we get our July bill from the club it is going to be shocking. I made a grocery store run yesterday and am determined to eat something healthy and at home tonight. Mr. SP has his weekly banjo lesson at the lake, so I’m on my own tonight. I’m thinking about a broccoli, wild rice, water chestnut casserole. Nothing fancy – just yummy.

I did get the Roman shade that I made hung in the dining room.

Today I’m taking a tennis lesson, getting my car serviced, going to the gym, going shopping, and then getting my hair cut. Doesn’t it sound like I live a life of leisure?? If only I could get paid to stay at home and have fun!


  1. Enjoy those last days of freedom. I’m sure you will make the most of them. Are you ‘enjoying’ the same hot & humid weather we are having here in South NJ?

  2. ps
    You should know that you are my inspiration to get off my butt and get back into shape. Thanks!
    Teresa 🙂

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