Yard Recovery Fall 2012

It’s great when a project can be a DIY, but sometimes professional help is needed.  The damage to our yard from the derecho on June 29 was too much to repair on our own, so we called in our friends at Southern Landscape Group for help.

The front yard had giant ruts from the tree trucks.  We filled in some of the spots, but to properly repair the area, it had to be tilled and a truckload of soil had to be added.
Ruts with Fill

It’s going to be so nice when I mow to have a smooth surface.

Fixing the Front

Smoothing the Front2

Tree trucks also left a deep rut to the right of the driveway.  This was filled in and smoothed.

A narrow strip of grass next to the road was badly rutted from trucks driving over it and also from being used as a parking area.  Where our old driveway came in from the street can be seen in the pavement.
Old Driveway

This area was tilled, soil was added, and then smoothed.
Smoothing the Side

The pavement was cut and removed to make a straight line of pavement, a big improvement.

My flowerbed was shortened to allow for future access to the backyard.
Shortened Flower Bed

The backyard was also smoothed to get rid of giant ruts.
Fixing the Back
Smoothing the Back

The backyard used to be shaded and is now full sun.  The irrigation was extended to this part of the yard to keep the grass growing.  Mr. SP’s new fence will look even better when the area around it is landscaped.


Green grass is going to make a big difference!  We hope to see some by the weekend.

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  1. You’re smart to recognize when a project is just too much for a couple of DIY-ers like yourselves. Can’t wait for update pictures.

  2. You’re right–sometimes it’s silly to take on a huge DIY project just for the sake of DIYing it. Especially when it can take away from your other responsibilities. I know your yard is on its way!

  3. Paula, your yard is going to look great! We had the same issues at our previous home….we also had a bamboo issue which was taking over. We had landscaper come in to repair the yard, trees taken down which presented more sun and had a swale placed due to water sitting in low spots. What a change. You will be pleased with the end results!

  4. We had yard problems two years ago…thank heavens that’s all behind us!!! Your will look great once everything is done. Hang in there!

  5. WOW! Amazing the WORK that has been required to get things back to looking good! I know it will look wonderful when done….can’t wait to see!

  6. Hi Paula! Wow, that is a BIG project and aren’t you glad you called in help? It’s going to be just beautiful. Your yard is so big and so pretty and I’ll be waiting to see it.
    Thank you for your sweetness to me and you are the sweetie,
    shelia 🙂

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