Anniversary and July 4th Weekend

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary.  We’ve never made a big deal out of our anniversary.  No cards, no presents, we just enjoy spending the day together.  Usually we are at the beach with family on our anniversary but not this year.

To celebrate we went for a run (separately) and then spent the rest of the day at the lake.  The lake was crazy busy but things calmed down by evening.  It looks pretty peaceful here…just like I like it.


This is one of our favorite swimming spots.  Swimming here makes you feel like a member of the redneck yacht club.  (Love that song!)

See the equipment in this photo?  We’re finally starting construction for a dock.  The house to the right of our lot sold this winter and the house to the left of the lot is under contract now.  I hope we’ll have nice neighbors.  We are really looking forward to relaxing on the dock and to floating in the water beside it. Lake Dock

Our friends hosted their now annual 4th of July tennis social on Sunday evening.  We took turns playing tennis and then we ate lots of yummy food.
July 4

One of the dishes that I made to share was Frito Bars.  These are so good and so very easy.  (Warning – It’s hard to stay away from these once you eat the first one!)
Fritto Bars

The best thing that happened to me the entire weekend was getting to play with this sweet kitty.  I adore cats but Mr. SP and I are both allergic.  This kitty was very shy but after enticing him with a piece of cheese and gently petting him for a while, he let me pick him up for a cuddle.  I washed my hands and arms after playing with him and didn’t have an allergy attack.  I love cats and wish that I could have one.  Isn’t he a beauty?
Paula and Grommet

The 4th was a quiet day for us.  We went to a tennis social at our club in the morning and had plans to go boating in the afternoon but the threat of storms kept us at home.  It was a wise choice because the lake ended up getting pounded with storms.  Being home on a holiday was pleasant.  We worked on some projects and had a cookout with Mr. SP’s dad.  I heard all sorts of fireworks over the weekend but didn’t see a single one.  Next year I am determined to have that pleasure.

How was your 4th?


  1. Paula, its exciting that you are getting your dock! It’s a start on many many years of memories at the lake. I spent the weekend painting furniture, your weekend sounds much better!

  2. Those are the BEST kinds of weekends!

    P.S. My door is made…now we need to get the glass and put the hardware on. I can’t wait!

  3. I am sure your lake building project is exciting with much more building to come!

    I am trying to imagine those Frito Bars. They must taste something like a Payday without the peanuts!

  4. Happy (belated) Anniversary! We don’t usually do a whole lot for our anniversaries either. The first couple of years we did some really nice gifts, and it all went downhill after that. 😉

    Looks so peaceful on the lake!!

  5. Happy Anniversary, Paula! It looks like you two had a great weekend. Wishing you many more years together! Carla

  6. no fireworks? that stinks. we actually got to see 2, one from inside the car (but perfectly centered) and one from the beach with crooked necks. happy anniversary to you and mr sp! and that cat is soo cute, it’s such a shame you can’t have one.

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