Announcing a New Series

Did you make a goal for 2011 to get into shape or to tone some of your trouble spots?  If you did, I’d like to offer a little help.

I’ve decided to start a series called “Fitness Friday.”  My plan is to showcase exercises that I’ve found to really work.  Many of us have goals for the new year to get into shape or to get into better condition.  I’m hoping to help others to meet their fitness goals through this series.

Fitness Friday2

What are your trouble spots?  Abs?  Bottom?  Thighs?  Let me know and I’ll feature an exercise that just may help.

Please join me this Friday for the first post in my new series. 


  1. Yay! Lord knows I need all the help I can get. If my legs can look half as good as yours I’m all in…ha!

  2. I want to tone the large muscle groups…. the ones that will burn the most calories. 😉 I’ll worry about the others once those are doing their jobs.

  3. All three please….any idea how to get my double chin in check? I look forward to this seris. Any you can incorporate in everyday things we do or ones that don’t take tremendous amounts of time….wow what a big wish list I have!

  4. GREAT!! I need help toning my arms and also my upper legs that has some “cottage cheese” creeping in on me! YUCK. Looking forward to your assistance. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Happy 2011.

  5. I run, attend body sculpting classes but i’m always looking for more. Can’t wait to see the new series. Abds are always an area i like to work hard. Thanks!

  6. AWESOME! I need help….well, everywhere. The legs, the abs (especially lower after 4 c-sections, and shoulders. I have no shoulders. I need to build them up.

  7. What an awesome idea, Paula!! Love the little button with “Sweet Pea” on the weight. Cute. 🙂 I need help all over…particularly ideas for exercises for someone who hasn’t done much of anything in a long time. 😉

  8. I saw your comment on Ordinary Days blog and came right over! I’ve lost weight and really would like to lose more of my belly! This is a great post! I’ll mark your blog to come back again! Thanks! ♥

  9. I think this is fantastic!! One of my goals this year IS to get into better shape. Im really tryng to eat better for myself – if I can add some body sculpting to that – then thats awesome!!!
    Ill be here on Fridays!!!

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