Graduation Saturday

Boy was it a scorcher here in Virginia on Saturday.  I started my day with a 9 am tennis match.  By the time we finished it had to have been 90 degrees.  I lost, but that’s ok, because the rest of the day was really fun.  My cousin Dakota graduated and we spent the afternoon at his family celebration picnic.

This is Dakota with his girlfriend, Haley.  I went to high school with her dad.  Dakota is a real sweetheart.  He is so polite and is super funny.  He stayed with us for a week last year at the beach and kept us laughing.

IMG_1291IMG_1286IMG_1287It was really fun to see family and spend the afternoon socializing.  Thank goodness there was a tent to sit under!

IMG_1290The kids played in the pool.  My sweet niece, Reese, is on the float.  She’s going to spend two weeks at the beach with us this year!!


It was hot!  This picture says it all…notice that several people are mopping their faces.


Poor Mama was late arriving.  She’s rented her farmhouse and just after graduation she got a call that the sewer had backed up.  Luckily she was able to call an old friend who fixed it.

Mr. SP always enjoys hanging out with my Tom (my uncle).


Today we are going to hang out at home (I think) and work on projects. 

Have a great Sunday!

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