Beer Bottle Centerpiece – Yes, I Did!


Beer Bottle Centerpiece by Sweet Pea


Beer Bottles for a centerpiece?   Seriously?  My cousin’s husband enjoyed a few Bud Light Platinum beers at the lake the other weekend and my mom and I couldn’t stop admiring the beer’s pretty blue glass bottle.  These bottles didn’t make it to the recycle bin, they were rescued by me for decorating!

Bud Light Platinum


The labels peeled off easily and the sticky residue left behind was easily removed with a bit of Goo Gone.  I borrowed a few flowers from my neighbor’s tree to make my centerpiece.

Beer Bottle Centerpiece


This table runner was crafted using a piece of drop cloth and strips of ruffled fabric.  A tutorial for how to make it can be found here.

Beer Bottle Centerpiece


I loved the idea of pink flowers in the blue vases but Crepe Myrtle isn’t a good cut flower.  They started to shed immediately and were replaced with Hydrangea.

Hydrangeas in Beer Bottle Vases


What’s on your table for August?

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  1. They are a beautiful shade of blue and are the perfect accent for your table runner…looks great!

  2. Oooooo you’ve got to love the color of the glass! 😀

  3. What a shame it would be to throw that glass into the recycle bin! You’re right – it’s too pretty. I want some green ones for my hydrangea!

  4. This is lovely!!

  5. How beautiful! We used wine bottles for our wedding centerpieces. Such a wonderful idea, and they look great with the vibrant flowers!

  6. Kathleen says:

    I love those bottles. The color is amazing. We don’t drink, but I might need to find someone who does and have them give me the bottles. I will need to think on that!!

    • Are you near the Long Beach Ca area? My sister has a bunch of these that she was going to toss out. She saved them because they are beautiful, but she doesn’t want them.

  7. They are such a beautiful cobalt blue colour I would have snatched them from the recycling too!!

  8. I adore that colour – collect it whenever I see it so I am in love with this!!!

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