Beautiful Homes on Mackinac Island


You’d have to be blind not notice the beautiful homes on Mackinac Island.  We so much enjoyed wondering the streets and admiring the homes.  Can you imagine having one of these as your summer home with a view of the water out of either the front or back side?


When we were planning our trip, we considered staying in a bed and breakfast but chose a hotel instead.  This adorable B&B is on the water beside the marina.


Look at that gingerbread trim!  Wouldn’t you like to relax on the porch?

Houses on Mackinac9


The next set of houses are located on the hill above the Grand Hotel.  The view from each one would be stellar.

There were many, many other grand homes that I didn’t have time to photograph.  If we’d stayed one more day, I would have spent it wondering every street in the town so that I wouldn’t miss seeing a single pretty home.

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Do you enjoy looking at houses?  I never seem to get tired of it!

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  1. I loved seeing your photos of the beautiful homes on Mackinac Island! Have you ever seen the beautiful homes in Petoskey? There’s a beautiful Methodist association with old summer homes across the street from the bay. I think they all belong to old money from Chicago. All the homes have names. It’s so quaint and just looks like it’s from another era like Mackinac! I love living in beautiful Michigan!! ~ Jamie

  2. I love looking at houses too! I love Mackinac Island also. I haven’t been in many years but it would be nice to go back as an adult. I found you on Virginia Bloggers! Nice to hear from other Virginians.

  3. They are just beautiful. I’m with you. I would wonder all over just looking at houses. I would have to stop myself from knocking on doors to see the insides. I’m glad you had a great trip!

  4. How pretty! I think we live in the wrong place! All of our houses are ‘cookie cutter’ style. Not one of them is unique like these are!

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