“Believe” Decor for my Classroom

This post is brought to you by Cut It Out Wood Cut Outs who provided my classroom with wooden “Believe” letters.  All opinions are truthful and my own.


Over the winter, Cut It Out Decorative Wood Cut Outs asked me to review a product of my choice.  When I saw their wooden “Believe” letters, I knew it would be a perfect addition to my classroom’s decor.

My original intent was to paint and decorate the letters myself but I ended up letting my 6th graders do the project on their own during homeroom.

We started by painting the letters white because we thought it would look good in contrast to my classroom’s turquoise walls.

Over the next week, the letters were decorated with colorful jewels from my craft stash.  The girls loved doing this!

cut-it-out-again-decorating cut-it-out-again-letter-decorating cut-it-out-again-letters

The girls used their creativity and came up with fun patterns for the letters.



After the letters were decorated, the kids even touched up the paint before they were hanged over our Smart Board.  (This was their idea, not mine!)



The girls didn’t like the pattern that they made for the “L”, so one student borrowed a sander from the workshop and sanded the paint down so that the girls could make another pattern after the “L” was repainted.  (I can’t believe I didn’t give him a pair of goggles and ear plugs to wear.  Oops.)



The MDF was super hard so we had to use a drill to help us add hangers to the back of the letters.  The boys did all of this!



The students in my other class periods enjoyed seeing the progress made on the letters as the days passed by.

cut-it-out-letters-ready to hang


My students are so proud of the end result of their project!  Aren’t they sweet?  I love this group of kids!



The girls wanted their picture taken without the boys.



And then the boys wanted their picture taken without the girls!


I’m so glad that my students had the opportunity to do something that was both fun and creative while they were at school.  In this day of test-the-kids-to-death, this doesn’t often happen.  I also hope that the kids made a memory, and that next year when they are 7th graders, they can tell my new 6th graders with pride that “We made that last year.”


  1. Oh my goodness! I love, love, love this! How wonderful you were able to do this with your students and that they got SO into it! I remember everything seemed “uncool” at that age so how nice they were so involved! I love the girls vs. boys pictures. What a wonderful memory to have!!

    1. Thanks, Megan. The kids loved doing this and my other classes were jealous that they didn’t have a project to complete. I’ll remember this group for years to come by this classroom decoration.


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