Chair Makeover 3.14 {Themed Furniture Makeover Day}

Pi Themed Chair Makeover

It’s time for another themed furniture makeover!  Each month of group of blogging friends challenge each other to make over a piece of furniture with a particular theme.  This month the theme is numbers.  Since I have taught math, am the daughter of a math teacher, and have an engineer for a husband, Pi is my number of choice.

Earlier this summer one of my neighbors had a yard sale where I scored a vintage radio and a cast iron corn stick pan.  I admired a chair at the yard sale that was reasonably priced but passed it up thinking I didn’t need to add another piece of furniture to the growing collection in my basement.  The next day my neighbor placed this chair on the curb for the trash since it didn’t sell in the sale.  Of course the second I saw it out my window, I darted across the street to save it.

The chair was in good shape structurally and its only problem was a few scratches and its need of a new seat cover.

Chair Makeover - Before

At first I thought I’d paint this piece but then decided to refinish it.  I sanded it, stripped it, and brought out the beauty in the wood with two coats of Minwax  Antique Oil Finish.

Chair After Stripping and Staining

The original chair cushion wasn’t plush enough for my taste, so after I removed the many staples holding two layers of fabric in place, I added a new layer of foam to give it a softer seat.

To make the Pi to decorate the seat cushion, I first printed a Pi symbol the size that I wanted.  Heat N Bond was ironed to the back of a black piece of scrap fabric the size of the printed Pi and then cut out.  After ironing the Pi to the center of a drop cloth piece, I zig-zagged around the edges with my sewing machine to make sure that it will stay firmly in place.

Themed Furniture Makeover - Pi


My Pi themed chair makeover appeals to my slightly nerdy side and to that of my slightly nerdy spouse.  I’m wondering if my neighbor might want this chair back after I show him what I did with it.


I have so much enjoyed participating in our monthly makeovers.  If you missed any, here is a list of the themes and projects:

February – Romantic – I didn’t participate.

March – Metallics – Stenciled Stool

April:  Bright – Garden Bench

May:  Flowers – Floral Bar Stool

June:  Travel – Nautical Coffee Table


Be sure to scroll down to see how my friends made over their furniture with a numbers theme.

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  1. What a fun project, Paula! I love the lines of the chair and the pi is perfect. And it’s awesome that you rescued it from the curb!

    1. I think my husband should use this in his office. His fellow engineers would get a kick out of it!


  2. Wow! It’s nice to see wood refinished. I love all wood furniture painted, aged or refinished. Love your nerdy chair! I’m enjoying the tour and glad I joined the group on this one. ~Jeanette

  3. Paula this is such a great interpretation of the theme! Your pi chair is awesome. 😉 (And I can’t stand to see almost-perfectly good furniture put out for the trash – I would’ve snatched it up too!)

  4. I can’t believe that your neighbor put this in her trash pile! That’s crazy! So glad you were able to grab it. You did a fabulous job refinishing it too. I can’t see where it had any damage now. Plus, the pi sign is adorable!

  5. My son is off to uni in a few weeks to study maths, I think I might need to make him some Pi based furniture to take with him. Great inspiration, thanks.

  6. Not sure how I missed this when you first posted it, but I love it. It would have been great in my middle school math classroom.

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