Christmas 2010–Living Room

Is it just me or is the mantel one of the hardest parts of decorating for Christmas?  My mantel was the last thing that I decorated this year.  I ended up using the gigantic S ornament wreath that I made for the front door last year, stars made for last year’s mantel, red glittered pinecones, ribbon, and votives with candles.  It’s a bit funky and I like that!
Come on in and see!

Last year Mr. SP helped me to make a “tree” to hold my Swarovski ornament collection.  They send sparkles all over the room.

The marble table and lighted globe were my grandmother’s.  Mama gave me the carolers a long time ago.  I guess I should get a man to carol with them!
I’ll be back soon to show you more!

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  1. Beautiful. Your S. Crystal snowflakes are beautiful. I love the chairs with the fireplace in the background. The antique stand is awesome. [satisfied sigh] I love seeing beauty.

  2. It looks great! I struggle with my mantle, too. My problem is that it’s all brick, so it’s not very wide and there’s also not much room between the mantle and the ceiling so the shape has to be just right. I love your S!

  3. The mantle is probably my favorite thing to decorate, cause you can just continue to fuss with it forever.

    Yours looks GREAT and I love that “S” wreath. I may steal that idea.

  4. I seriously love the big “S”! Love it!!! Also love the wooden tree you made for your Swarovski (sp?) ornaments. Very cute!

  5. Simply adore your carolors…I want some of them. Might have to send a hint to my mother that I would love to have one..hehehe

    I remember the post you did last year on the stand for your crystals…they really are so pretty in the light. Have you seen the Swarvoski Christmass Trees made up? They are so cute! I made a couple this year…the snowmen are also cute.

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