Decorating with Collections

I’ve shared my love of pottery planters time and again on this blog.  I’ve been lucky to find many while thrifting or antiquing and love to use them for decorating or for function.

After Christmas I used some of my white and yellow pieces for kitchen decorating.  I like that I can enjoy them on a day to day basis when they are on display.  The shelves on either side of my kitchen cabinets are the perfect size for displaying these pots.

The top two yellow pieces were my Grandmother’s and the bottom two are antique shop finds.  Granny was active in garden club and did arrangements for her church so I’m sure that both of these pieces held spectacular arrangements at one point or another.

I talked Mama out of the top white piece when she moved and the others are from antique or thrift stores.  Mama used this for church, so I guess I should offer to give it back now that she’s all settled into her new home.

More yellow pots are on display on a counter.  Their shape and texture is so attractive to me.

I used another white pot from my collection as a napkin holder for my coffee station. 

I used to save my good Caspari napkins for guests, but now I use them for myself.  I love seeing this pretty display beside my coffee pot.  Real sugar, a sterling silver sugar spoon, coffee, and a Caspari napkin start my day off right.

Two green planters by the sink hold sponges, dish soap, and hand soap.

I have a smaller crock collection that is put to use in the kitchen.  One crock holds paper towels. 

Two by the stove make spatulas, tongs, and other cooking necessities readily available.  One of Granny’s refrigerator dishes holds Kosher salt.

I’m just about at the point where I need to stop collecting these pots.  Even with the large number that I am currently using, there is an equal amount in the basement waiting their turn.


  1. I love your collection! I can’t believe how many you have! I really like the way you’ve put them to use. And I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one who loves pretty napkins. 🙂

  2. I love your collection too, and I think you’ve done such a nice job of displaying them. I like that some are just for looking pretty, but that you’ve put others into use. I also love the tile work on your backsplash. Beautiful! 🙂

  3. My grandmother had similar containers to do arrangements for church too. I have no idea what happened to hers. I love the green ones your soap is in. Great idea! And the crocks are GREAT! I love them! I never would have thought to put paper towels in them. So smart! I’m in line to get all my MIL’s crocks and I can’t wait. Love them!

  4. You have a great collection of pottery. I have a thing for those refrigerator dishes. You just can’t have too many.


  5. Hi Paula- thanks for stopping by! I love your planter collection- they are so pretty and it’s cool that you can actually use them as opposed to collecting something that just gathers dust. BTW- has your kitchen always been so gorgeous or has there been a recent remodel?

  6. Love your kitchen and your collection, but most I love how you use your collection. So many people hid their collections in closets or line it up on a shelf, but yours is out there so you get to use and enjoy it!

    – The Tablescaper

  7. Everything looks fab! I wish I had somewhere to display my Pyrex/Glasbake/Fireking. One day I guess! I do have a big crock we got on vacation in VA, I can’t figure out what to do with it though!

  8. Love all your collections! I actually have a few crocks and some planters. I love the green ones. I actually have some pretty old ones that were my grandmothers and I put it up on my cabinets in the kitchen. I love the idea of using one holding your scrub brush for your dishes. I think I will have to copy this idea. I have several collecting dust in the barn that I always said I would get out when I built my house and use on the porch but as of today still sitting in the barn in a box.

  9. I love your collection and that many of them belonged to your grandmother. Both of my Grandmothers lived too far away (Scotland and Oregon) for me to acquire anything of sentimental value from them, so I always enjoy when you share those special pieces. Its also great that you are able to use many of them for everyday purposes!

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