DIY Mitten Art with Buttons


Mitten Art with Buttons. This mitten was made with vintage buttons but new ones would also make a cute project.

Ooh, burr baby!  Is it cold where you live?  It should be here but it’s not.  Just looking at the mitten art that I created with vintage buttons has me looking forward to crisp air, thick sweaters, and snuggling under a blanket by a fire with a warm beverage in my hand.  I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m doing those things.

If you are local, you might have seen this project in the latest issue of Clutch.  I actually made it back in July for the magazine and am sharing it now on the blog since it’s the Christmas season and nearly winter.

This project is extra special because I made it with vintage buttons that belonged to my grandmother or to my cousin’s grandmother.  I think both ladies would approve!



DIY Mitten Art Supplies and Instructions

8×10 frame

Mitten template

Felt sheet for the background

Buttons in shades of white – Mine are all vintage.  JoAnne has these, these, and these that would be great for this project.

Cuff from an old sweater

Decorative snowflake buttons (optional) – Mine are from my stash but these from JoAnne would work perfectly.

Craft glue

White paint

Paint brush



  1. Print a mitten template in a size that looks appropriate for your frame and cut it out.  Take the frame apart and glue the felt to either the cardboard insert, if your frame has one, or to the frame back if there is no insert. Position mitten template in the center of the frame and trace around it with a marker or fabric pen.




2.  Cut the cuff off of a sweater to use as the mitten’s cuff.  To apply the mitten cuff, glue one edge of the sweater cuff at the mitten top; fold over and glue into place.  Glue buttons into place to form the outline of the mitten.outline-of-mitten


3.  Continue gluing buttons until the mitten is filled in. Add decorative snowflake buttons to the cuff, if desired.




4.  To give a black frame a whitewashed appearance, put a small amount of white paint onto a paint brush and tap against a paper towel until almost all of the paint is off of the brush. Lightly brush the frame until the desired whitewashed appearance is achieved.

This gives an inexpensive frame an old look.



I love the shades of white and size variation of these vintage buttons.winter-button-mitten


I used new buttons to make this Christmas mitten.




  1. I love this mitten button art!! How special that the buttons came from your grandmother. I especially like the snowflake buttons on the cuff.

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  3. I love this idea! I found a big cookie tin full of buttons after my mom passed away that had belonged to my grandmother. I had no idea what to do with them so I ended up passing them along to other people who sewed so they could be used. Now I’m wishing I had some of them back! Thanks for sharing at Over the Moon – I look forward to seeing you next week.

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  5. This mitten art is darling! Living in Michigan – the “mitten” state – this gives me all kinds of ideas! I also have my grandmother’s button box. Such a treasure. Pinned and sharing! Thank you for joining us at Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party.

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