DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Baskets

Easter is on the way and today I’m sharing a fun Easter craft, DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Baskets.

These treat baskets are perfect to use as a gift for friends or family or as a table favor for your Easter meal.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

I’m sharing my Easter Treat Baskets along with a talented group of bloggers for a Easter’s on the Way blog hop organized by my friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home

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I love Amber’s gorgeous old home and how she decorates it so beautifully with vintage style.  I look forward to seeing Amber’s decor in any season and if you’ve never visited Amber’s blog, I encourage you to do so.

If you are visiting from  Let’s Add Sprinkles, welcome!  Katie is a talented decorator and I am looking forward to seeing her Easter ideas.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Baskets

I first made a version of this craft back in 2011 and I’ve never forgotten it. I recently spotted peat pots on one of our work benches and thought it would be fun to make a new version of this craft.

I always spend Easter with my husband, mom, sister-in-law, niece, and father-in-law. On a normal Easter Sunday, I would place an Easter treat basket beside each guests’ plate at my mom’s table as an Easter gift.

I’ll have to save these treat baskets to use as gifts next year as Easter will be spent with just my husband this year.

Blue Easter Treat Baskets

I made four different Easter treat baskets and will share them by color.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

These Easter treat baskets were easy to make. I painted the peat pots, then used a hot glue gun to add a ribbon handle, then embellished the handle with vintage buttons.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

Each side of the peat pot was decorated with a bunny rabbit sticker with a vintage look.

Pink Easter Treat Basket

The burlap and lace ribbon was left over from the DIY Picture Frame Spring Wreath that I made for my mom’s front door.

Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker

All of the buttons used for these treat baskets are vintage and either belonged to my mother-in-law or my grandmother. I inherited sewing supplies from both of these very special women.

Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker

I love the Easter stickers that I used. A book of 23 stickers was just $1.99.

Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker

Whitewashed Easter Treat Basket

To whitewash the treat basket, I put a small amount of white paint on my brush, then dabbed the brush against a paper towel. I then brushed the white paint onto the pot.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

This plaid ribbon came from my craft stash. I am pretty sure that I used it at least 15 years ago for a spring wreath.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

I usually do crafts at home but this craft was made at our lake house. It was nice to craft with a view!

Making DIY Peat Pot Spring Treat Baskets at Smith Mountain Lake

Purple Easter Treat Basket

Mr. SP and I agreed that the Easter bunny would not be visiting our house this year, so the candy that I used to fill the treat baskets is the only Easter candy that we’ll enjoy this year.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

I found that the stickers wouldn’t stick to the peat pots, so I used hot glue to attach them.

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

I am pretty sure that these pink button were cut off of a dress and saved to be used for another sewing project. They came from my grandmother, so it’s possible that they originally were on one of my great-great-aunt’s garments. (My grandmother was raised by her aunt.)

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Basket

How to Make Peat Pot Easter Treat Baskets

DIY Peat Pot Easter Treat Baskets

Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker

Use peat pots, craft paint, ribbon, buttons, and Easter stickers to make treat baskets to use as gifts or as a table favor.


  • Peat Pots
  • Craft Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Easter Stickers
  • Filler
  • Easter Candy


  • Craft paint brush
  • Glue gun


  1. Assemble suppliesSupplies to make an Easter Peat Pot Treat Basket
  2. Paint peat pots with craft paint. How to make an Easter Peat Pot Treat BasketHow to make an Easter Peat Pot Treat Basket
  3. Dry brush white paint over the colors if desired.How to make an Easter Peat Pot Treat Basket
  4. Add a ribbon handle to each pot.How to make an Easter Peat Pot Treat BasketEaster treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker
  5. Embellish ribbon handle with buttons. Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker
  6. Add an Easter sticker to each side of the peat pot. If the sticker won't stick, use hot glue.Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker
  7. Add filler and candy to the treat basket.Easter treat basket made using a peat pot, ribbon, buttons, and an Easter sticker

If you are “hopping” in order today, next on the blog tour is Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction.

I am looking forward to reading the Easter ideas shared by my blogging friends. Click on the links below to visit each blogger who is sharing Easter ideas.

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  1. These little baskets are absolutely adorable–I love all the colors and I love how you dry brushed them for depth. These are perfect for the Easter table!

  2. Paula, these are absolutely adorable! I love your painted and embellished baskets! Happy & healthy Easter! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Gosh, those are adorable, Paula! The teacher in you shines with your crafts. I adore those purple and blue peat pot colors. I agree, the stickers are cute! And yes, what a view! Happy Easter to you.

    1. Thank you, Rita! I told my cousin the other day that writing a blog post is a lot like designing a SmartBoard lesson to use to teach a concept. I think one reason that I enjoy blogging so much is that I enjoy the teaching aspect of it.


  4. These are so cute, Paula. I had NO idea you could paint them! I have a set just hanging out in my garage right now so this is the perfect inspiration and way to pass the time right now. I hope you and your family have a blessed and happy Easter season. Hugs to you and Sherman, CoCo

  5. Are y’all staying at your lake house for the quarantine? I think I would if possible. What a lovely place to be! That is if you don’t have snakes! We used to live on the lake but I’m so glad we moved because of that. Sorry, not an Easter subject. I first see fabulous atmosphere then my mind goes straight to what I’m scared of most. Goodness. Anyway, I love what you made and how each one is so special and unique. We didn’t buy any Easter candy. :/ Dang it! Need more forethought! Pinned

    1. I also am terrified of snakes, Cindy! They have to be around here but luckily they stay hidden. (Shudder…snakes…)

      We have been spending extended weekends at the lake. We used to not have Internet here but two weeks ago it finally became available. Now that we have it, we both can work from the lake.


    1. Thank you, Terrie! I hope that you have a wonderful Easter as well. I know you are anxious to get your hands on your new granddaughter.


  6. These are just the cutest little baskets you created! I would not have thought of using peat pots, but wow, they turned out so cute! Your were just so creative to put all of these elements together. I love where you crafted, what a delightful spot to sit and create! I hope you have a joyous Easter and stay safe and well!

    1. The blue does look like denim. I hadn’t thought about that. I had a lot of fun crafting these baskets.


  7. I LOVE these peat baskets for Easter treats! I think the colors of paint and the ribbon and buttons you used look just lovely! The pinched ribbon on the sides, and how you did a “v” cut on them is so pretty, Paula! Pinned, and hope I can make these with my grandbeans one day!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I had so much fun making these and I’m all ready for next Easter when I can give them as gifts. So sad that none of us will be with family this year on Easter Sunday.


  8. Paula,
    Adorable Easter treat baskets! I have some square peat pots that may just turn into Easter treat baskets for another year since I already made this year’s treat holders.

    Stay safe, and have a Happy Easter.


    1. I loved the treat holders that you made, Judith. Your cones looked so lovely on each place setting.


  9. Okay these are simply adorable and I am making some like…tomorrow! I have made some really shabby ones in the past with white paint, but I am loving the colors you used! The blue looks a bit like denim and I love it!

    Thanks for inspiring us with this sweet craft!

    Have a blessed Easter!

    1. Thank you so much, Amber! I’ll save these to use as family gifts for next Easter since we won’t be gathering this year. Also, thank you for hosting the Easter blog hop. I really enjoyed visiting everyone.


  10. These little baskets made from peat pots are so cute! Thank you for sharing how to make them, they are charming. It was a joy to visit you today. Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  11. Paula, these are so adorable! What a fun Easter project and great table favor for guests. My favorite part are the handles with the buttons. Thanks for sharing this creative and instructive DIY craft.

  12. I know you will miss your Easter traditions with your family this year. Those baskets would have been so cute on your mom’s table. I love how you are going back and recreating old projects you did years ago. So fun to take a different spin on them! Such a sweet idea!!

    1. Easter is definitely not going to feel like Easter this year. An advantage to being an “old time” blogger like you and me is we have lots of ideas from way in the past that our readers haven’t seen. I’ve enjoyed repeating a few projects lately.


  13. Love these little Easter baskets and I especially love the vintage buttons. I wish I had some of the supplies on hand I would make some of these, maybe next Easter. I am trying new things for Easter this year and will have to see how it turns out. Happy Easter friend.

    1. Thank you, Sonya! We are all having to work with what we have on hand right now. I keep thinking of things that I want to make/do but they all require supplies that I don’t have. Instead, I need to focus on organzing/cleaning/yardwork, all things I can do without shopping. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter.


  14. Your little basket favors are darling! Peat Pots are so fun. I’ve made favors out of them before for a club that I am in. Happy Easter!

  15. Paula these are the cutest🧡🧡🧡 Thank you for joining us over at our new link party Charming Homes & Gardens🙋🏼‍♀️

    1. Thank you, Ann! I am so glad that you guys started a new party. I always enjoy participating in link parties and it’s great to have a new one to enjoy. I like adding my links and I enjoy browsing. Looking forward to this week’s party already!


  16. Paula, what a cute DIY idea. How sweet to make a little Easter basket gift for everyone. Never even thought about decorating peat pots, but this is such a great idea for many occasions. Have a Happy Easter and stay safe.

    1. Thank you, Carol! I’ll forget about these by next Easter and when I find them in one of my Easter boxes, they will be a nice surprise.


    1. Thank you, Lynne! I had so much fun making these and since I didn’t get to give them as gifts this year, I can use them next year on Easter Sunday.


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