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DIY Valentine’s Day Button Heart

Create a button heart to use for Valentine’s Day decor.

February is almost here and it’s time to start to think about Valentine’s Day.  We don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day, but we do celebrate it, and I like to add small touches of Valentine’s decor to my home.

I used buttons that my grandmother saved to create DIY Valentine’s Day Button Art.

Make a cute heart to display for Valentine's Day and beyond using buttons. This is an easy craft that would be fun to complete with girlfriends or with a child. #buttoncraft #valentinecraft #valentine'sdaycraf #buttonart #buttoncraft

I inherited a large jar of buttons from my grandmother.  I am really glad that my grandmother saved these because I love using them for craft projects.  Other projects that I have created with Granny’s buttons include Button Mitten Art and Button and Felt Snowmen Ornaments .

I love the romantic feel of the button heart art that I created to use for this year’s Valentine’s Day decor.

Create art using buttons. This button heart would be pretty to display for Valentine's Day and beyond. It also would make a great gift for a girlfriend. #buttonart #buttonheart #buttoncraft #valentine'sdaycraft

Old buttons are so pretty.  I doubt that anyone these days cuts buttons off of old clothing to reuse the way people used to.

Use buttons to create art like this cute heart. This button heart is perfect for Valentine's Day decor. It's an easy craft that would make a great gift. #valentine'sdaycraft #buttonart #buttoncraft #buttonheart #vintagebuttons

How to Make a DIY Valentine’s Day Button Heart


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Wood Plaque – I used this one from Oriental Trading.

Lace – Mine is vintage. This lace looks similar.

Buttons – I used vintage buttons but an assortment like this set would be a good choice.

Mod Podge

Glue Gun

Small Brush

Heart Template



Use a small brush to apply a strip of lace to the top and bottom of the wood plaque.  The Mod Podge had not dried in this picture.  It will dry clear.

Tutorial to Make a Valentine's Day Button Heart

Very lightly trace a heart onto the plaque using a pencil.  (I searched “5-inch heart” to find my template.)

Tutorial to Make a Valentine's Day Button Heart

Fill in the heart with buttons.  I started at the bottom of the heart and glued buttons into place with a glue gun trying to vary button size and color.

DIY Valentine's Day Button Heart - Vintage buttons were used to create this heart. #vintagebuttons #vintage #valentinesday #craftidea #buttoncraft


My DIY Valentine’s Day Button Heart is on display on a table on our porch beside the door that we most frequently use.  I chose this spot so that I can enjoy this cute heart I’ll multiple times a day.  I have a new Valentine’s Day wreath displayed above it and I hope to share it with you very soon.

Create art with buttons. This button heart is an easy craft that makes a perfect Valentine's Day decoration. #buttonheart #buttoncraft #buttons #valentinesdaycraft

I would so much appreciate it if you would pin this project to Pinterest for others to discover.

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Make a cute heart to display for Valentine's Day and beyond using buttons. This is an easy craft that would be fun to complete with girlfriends or with a child. #buttoncraft #valentinecraft #valentine'sdaycraf #buttonart #buttoncraft

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  1. Love how this looks. It’s funny because I just came across a bag of buttons from my mom and wondered what on earth I would do with them. You always have the best ideas.

    1. I hope you use your mom’s buttons for a craft. I think I might do a framed monogram with more of my old buttons.


  2. What is there about buttons that attracts so many people? Sure does me and wish had inherited buttons. Trying to buy vintage looking buttons is expensive where we live. I have several I bought at a yard sale in MT a few years ago and they are some of my favorites. From looks of your adorable heart you got some gorgeous buttons, The lace top and bottom give the project great personality. Sure do love your heart button project,might just have to make one myself, can use it all year.
    Happy daze

    1. Thank you! I am enjoying this for Valentine’s Day decor but will most likely move it to my bedroom dresser after Valentine’s Day so that I can continue to enjoy it. Vintage buttons are so interesting. It’s a shame that future generations won’t have buttons from this era to enjoy.

  3. Gorgeous! And totally fits my decor. I’ll definitely be doing this in the next couple days!
    Funny, the other day I was cutting up old clothes for rags. As I was cutting buttons off, I asked myself if I know anyone else who would do this task. I’m an OLD SOUL 🙂
    Katelynn, hampersandhiccups.com

    1. I should start saving buttons from clothes. I save the extra ones that come with some items and have crafted with those but have never cut buttons off of an item.


  4. Paula, I have seen these made with all white buttons and they are beautiful. But using the pink ones makes it so gorgeous. I might have to dig through all my jars of buttons and make one. Your button heart is beautiful.

    xo Dianne

    1. I was happy to see pink buttons in my container when I started to make this heart. I hope you do make one!


  5. I have a whole bunch of my Ouma’s buttons too. In fact I suspect I inherited her button collection gene too and I really do need to do something with them. This is such a precious idea Paula. Love how your button heart turned out. It looks so lovely with the strips of lace

    1. Thank you! I’ll probably put this on my dresser to enjoy after I stop using it for Valentine’s Day decor.


  6. That’s beautiful. the colours are so pretty.
    I inherited a tin full of buttons from my grandma too but I am one of those people who still removes buttons (and zips) from things if they are too worn to be repaired, refashioned or to go to the charity shop!

  7. What a simple but effective way to use up buttons. I have a huge stash of old ones that I know I will never use on clothing but cannot bear to part with. #handmademonday

  8. This is so pretty! I love the plaque and the extra detail of the lace, plus it combines some of my favorite colors. I may have to round up some buttons and make one for myself. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I’m so glad that I can enjoy these buttons rather than have them in a jar in a drawer where I never see them.


    1. Thank you, Alice! It’s a good way to enjoy the buttons rather than just have them in a container in a drawer.


  9. I love button art, and made a button heart candle holder a couple years back. Your artwork turned out great and I love the little bits of color in it. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. The KonMari method says to toss out buttons, and I have a couple of jars that I just could not bring myself to throw out. Such a beautiful feminine Valentine idea, I am glad I have all those pretty vintage buttons in my stash to work with.

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  13. Paula– This is so charming and very Valentine-y!! I’m not a big fan of all the red for Valentine’s Day — I prefer these more subtle and neutral kinds of decorations. My mom had a big tin of buttons, and I am not sure what I did with it….! I pinned this to two boards actually – it’s a beautiful project !!

  14. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I even started collecting buttons for such a craft. And now, even though I have a mason jar full, I can’t bring myself to part with the jar full. What is wrong with me?! I love this and will one day bring it to fruition! Maybe. 😉 Pinned!

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