Drop Cloth Tea Towels for Any Season

A drop cloth tea towel is an easy craft project that can be customized for any season.

Since it’s fall, I added a fall leaf to my tea towel.

Drop Cloth Tea Towel by Sweet Pea

Hanging decorative towels to coordinate with the season is one way that I enjoy decorating my kitchen.

These pear towels and the monogramed towel have been on my stove for a few weeks and I decided that it was time for a change.

Decorative Tea Towels

How to Make a Drop Cloth Tea Towel

I had an inspiration to make a tea towel from a drop cloth and it worked like a charm!

Drop Cloth Leaf Embellished Tea Towel


Cut Drop Cloth

Cut a section of drop cloth 19.5″ x 28″.

Iron Edges and Sew

Make a 0.5″ fold and iron into place. Fold over another 0.5″.

Miter the corners and then sew each seam.

Add a Leaf

Cut a leaf out of orange felt and pin to the tea towel.

Stitch into place using embroidery thread and a blanket stitch.

I chose a maple leaf but any shape leaf could be added.

Drop Cloth Tea Towel Back
Leaf on Drop Cloth Tea Towel

The blanket stitch is not only decorative, but also holds the leaf into place.

Press the towel using a hot iron and then hang into place.

Hang the Towel

I enjoy having a seasonal towel hanging from my stove.

Drop Cloth Tea Towel for the Kitchen

This project was easy and didn’t take long to complete. I’m now ready to make a decorative towel for every season.

Drop Cloth Tea Towel

After I made this towel, I made a turkey version for Thanksgiving.

This project would make a great gift!

DIY Drop Cloth Tea Towel


  1. My husband always laughs when I pine over the dropclothes at the hardware store, now I have an excuse to buy some!

  2. I had to actually jump up and go look at my stove because I moved a few months ago and inherited my mom’s stove and I had never thought to look to see if I could hang a tea towel on it. I know on my old stove at my old house I had them hanging there all the time…and guess what??? I can! I think I may make a stop at Home Goods or the Dollar Store tomorrow to see if I can find a couple of cute fall tea towels. Love yours but I just don’t have the time to make one right now. You always come up with the cutest crafts!

  3. I love crafting using drop cloths, it is so versatile and easy to work with. This would be fun to make up as gifts too.. thanks so much for sharing it 🙂

  4. Well, I just had no idea you could use drop cloth to make a tea towel! Now that I think of it… of course you could!

  5. awww those are so cute! I’ve been wanting to make some cute tea towels now I need to for sure! Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

  6. So pretty! And unrelated, but I love the idea of storing seasonal towels with the seasonal decor. That would save me tons of space in my towel drawer!

  7. Hi Paula! Oh, your tea towel is darling! Love your fallen leaf and your stitching looks so good. Now I am drooling all over your gorgeous stove! It’s marvelous.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  8. Lovely! I’m creating a set of my own tea towels right now using fabric paint (I think they’ll be more decorative like yours than hard-working towels).

  9. Great idea and beautiful colours. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

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