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Embellished Drop Cloth Pillows for Christmas

Drop Cloth Christmas Pillows by Sweet Pea

I enjoyed the drop cloth fall pillow covers that I made for the chairs in our living room so much that I knew a Christmas version was a must.  The color scheme for our mantel this year is red, green, and brown; both pillows just so happen to coordinate beautifully.

Christmas Pillows in Living Room

Both pillows covers were constructed envelope style.  For a full tutorial, click here.

The first pillow that I made was the tree pillow.  My mother-in-law purchased many quilting kits, complete with fabric, that she never had time to make.  The fabrics used for the tree pillow are from one of her kits.

I started by cutting out five trees in various sizes.  Quilting rulers make this a breeze!  After positioning them on the pillow front, tree trunks were cut from brown fabric.  You can see that the trunks aren’t the same size.

Tree Pillow How-To1


Fusible webbing was then cut for each tree and trunk.

Tree Pillow How-To2


After a quick ironing session, the trees and trunks were in place.

Tree Pillow How-To3


It’s hard to see in my picture, but my next step was to zig-zag around each tree and trunk with coordinating thread.  The trees looked a little dull at this point, so I added gold garland to each one, giving them the appropriate amount of bling.

Tree Pillow How-To4

The pillow cover was then sewn together (tutorial here), pressed, and inserted into a pillow form.

Drop Cloth Tree Christmas Pillow by Sweet Pea


For the Christmas ball pillow, I traced lids of various sizes onto several coordinating Christmas fabrics.

Ball Christmas Pillow How-To1


The circles were then ironed in place using fusible webbing.

Ball Christmas Pillow How-To2


Just like the tree pillows, I zig-zagged around each ball in a coordinating thread.  The hangers are also stitched into place, except at the very top.

Ball Christmas Pillow How-To3

I love how these look in our living room.

2012 Living Room with Embelleshed Drop Cloth Pillows.

The great thing about making pillow covers is that they are easy to store.  The fall covers that I made took very little room in my already full fall bins.  The same will be true for these Christmas pillows.



  1. Those pillows are darling and your tutorial is great! As a person that doesn’t sew (but wishes she could) I am always amazed out these things are done!!

  2. Paula! These are adorable! I love them and what a great job you did. They really pop on your pretty chairs.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  3. They’re really pretty and coordinate so well with your Christmas colors. Love the idea of using various lids to cut circles for Christmas balls, and the garland on the trees is just perfect! Mary

  4. Paula, I must say that I’m enjoying the new look of your blog. It’s so professional! LOVE it!!! And I think your Christmas drop cloth pillows are so adorable. I love them in your living room!!! 😀

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