Generation X and Y go Antiquing

Antiquing with Generation X and Y

My friend Megan of Rappsody in Rooms and I met downtown on Saturday to do a bit of shopping.  We thought it would be fun to go to two antique stores, take pictures of what appeals to us, and compare what we like.  We were together some of the time but neither of us paid particular attention to what the other was photographing.

We wondered if what I, a Generation X gal at 40 something, would like would be much different from what Megan, a Generation Y gal at 20 something,  would like.

After I got home and looked at my pictures I kind of chuckled because this 40 something might have the taste of an old lady!  I’m sharing my pictures in the order that they were taken.

Megan and I started at Estates Revisited.  If you like antiques and are in Lynchburg, you should check out this store.  The first thing that caught my eye was a vintage canister set.  I have a small collection of these and love to store pantry items in them.

Canister Set

I don’t need a china cabinet but I like this one a lot better than the one I have.

China Cabinet


I’ve been looking for a vintage school map.  This map of Europe is huge.

Map of Europe


This USA map came from a local school.  I’m kicking myself for not buying it.

Map of US


It’s too bad this chocolate set only has three cups and saucers with it.  It probably originally had at least six.

Chocolate Pot


I’ve loved china since I was a young girl.  My Mama and I both think that a girl can never have too many dishes.  The wheat pattern on this set is pretty.

Wheat China


I am always attracted to floral prints and paintings.  This original was a reasonable price.

Floral Painting


I really liked this round coffee table.  It’s a great height and a generous size.  I think the tag said Danish.

Coffee Table


This piece must have come out of an old store or warehouse.  It would be a great storage piece.

Storage Unit


I already own a mirror that’s similar to this one.  I like the Currier and Ives print at the top.

Mirror with Currior and Ives Print


I liked the lines of this chair and think it would be perfect in a bedroom or sitting area.

Yellow Chair


Our next stop was Estates and Consignments.  This store is in a gigantic warehouse and you never know what you’ll find for sale.  Saturday wasn’t a great day and I found very little that appealed to me.

I love old table linens and liked this yellow and green embroidered table cloth.

Embroidery Tablecloth


The only other thing that I saw that I liked was this painting.



After hitting the antique shops we visited Studio Eleven and Pastiche at Main followed by a yummy Mediterranean lunch.  Megan and I had such a fun time antiquing and chatting.

Now that you’ve seen what appeals to this 44 year old Generation X gal, head on over to Rappsody in Rooms to see what appealed to Megan.

Generation X or Y – Which are you?

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  1. I had so much fun doing this with you! I was excited to see which pictures you ended up choosing. We have a few similar – like the maps and wooden storage item. I completely missed that coffee table though. It’s gorgeous! I love the mirror with the print above it as well. I had one in my house growing up so it makes me feel happy seeing it too. Can’t wait to do it again!

    1. Catherine – I would love to go thrifting with you. We can come to Richmond, too. I’d love to go to some “new-to-me” shops.

    1. Therese – I love that you recognize your grandmother’s china. Apparently they get in a lot of china because the younger generation doesn’t want anything that they can’t put in the dishwasher. If I had a butler’s pantry, I’d fill it with china!

  2. Great finds Paula, and since we’ve antiqued together I could have picked out some of what you liked.
    I love that long set of drawers it would be perfect for our bedroom and I could building some sort of
    shelving unit for the top. Thanks for sharing with the generation past you!

  3. I think I’m a Baby Boomer. (I’m 60.) I know you’ll like this map story. As a local VEA rep, I spoke often at school board budget hearings. Thirty years ago, I asked for a new map for my third grade classroom because the one I was using had only 48 states. The superintendent wasn’t happy with me, but I got a new map the next week!

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