Hiking The Priest in Tyro, Virginia

Sunday we hiked The Priest in Tyro, Virginia as a benefit for colorectal cancer.

Hiking The Priest in Tyro, VA

Tyro is one of the most beautiful spots in Virginia. There are many hikes to do in Tyro including The Priest, Three Ridges, and Crabtree Falls.

The Priest is the mountain on the left.

View from Route 56 in Tyro, VA

At the base of The Priest is Pharsalia, an 1814 plantation that is now a wedding venue and Silver Creek Orchard. Both of these properties are owned by my best friend in high school’s family, so I was lucky to spend a lot of time in this area as a teen.

The Priest hike was a benefit for colorectal cancer.

My friend, Dwayne, is currently being treated for colorectal cancer and organized this hike through Climb for a Cure. Not only did I want to support Dwayne as he battles colorectal cancer, but also my mom.

I have known Dwayne since 1991 and I taught 2 out of his 3 kids.

Man and woman before doing a benefit hike for CRC

Hiking participants included Dwayne’s family and friends, and people from Richmond and Maryland.

Hiking The Priest in Tyro, VA

This hike is not for the faint of heart. The trail goes straight up the mountain and is rocky in many spots.

One part of the trail is beside a creek.

Hiking The Priest in Tyro, VA

It was a relief to get to the overlook and to know that there would be no more climbing to do. Pharsalia and Silver Creek Orchard can be seen at the base of the mountain.

View from The Priest in Tyro, VA

Dwayne hiked with his daughter, Sarah.

Hiking The Priest in Tyro, VA

Dwayne’s son, Michael, did a hike in Montana.

I taught Michael very early in my teaching career and haven’t seen him in years.

I have never been to Montana and seeing the scenery behind Michael and his wife makes me really want to take a trip there.


  1. What a beautiful place for that hike. I have family in Virginia, but have never heard of this beautiful area. Adding that to future travel plans. So good to see you creating great memories with special people for great cause.

  2. What a wonderful way to help research for colorectal cancer. And it’s good to see the hubby in a photo, as well! Y’all look great!

  3. What cool thing to do! I loved reading your post and how fun to see a student you taught after all those years! Tonight I am attending a little party fit a friend who just completed her chemo treatment! 🙌🏻


  4. How amazing, Paula! What a wonderful thing to do for such a great cause! The views are magnificent.
    Thank you for sharing this,

  5. It’s such a small world, I was in the same program as Michael at JMU, and we still keep up online. Great to see such beautiful weather for y’all to hike, even across the country from one another.

    1. It really is a small world, Rebecca! Thank you so much for leaving this comment. Michael was wonderful to have in my classroom and I thought the world of him.

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy! Dwayne is a great friend and it was a privilege to help him to raise money for colorectal cancer.

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