Lemon Head Wreath

The inspiration for this wreath came from this post on Kimba’s fabulous blog, A Soft Place to Land. Kimba made her wreath way back in March and I’m just now completing mine. Please see Kimba’s post for great directions for how to make this wreath.

I could not get this wreath out of my head. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it. Finally, over spring break in April, I bought my supplies and decided to do it. Projects take a while in my world!

The inspiration for the wreath came from Country Home magazine. I sure hope that Country Home will come back. I miss it!

As suggested by Kimba, I ordered a gross of ping pong balls from Ebay. I bought a wreath form and spray painted it yellow.

Now for the fun part! Hot glue the ping pong balls to the form. I used a cool melt glue gun because I hate burning my fingers.

I realized half way through hot glueing that the pattern I was using did not work. I ripped a good bit of the balls off and made a big mess. Oh well!

You can see places where I ripped off the ping pong balls that we glued in the wrong place. I thought that I’d just spray paint over those areas, but found out that the spray paint wouldn’t stick.

Spray painting made some of the ping pong balls fall off. I had to pull out the glue gun and stick them back on. Will I ever finish this?

Now I was ready to apply the “sugar”, aka glitter.

Glittering made another ping pong ball come off. Time to pull out the glue gun again!
Finally, finished! I love this green floral ribbon that I found at Michael’s. It’s not wired and I had a hard time tieing a bow. Bows are hard for me, so I just did what I could do and called it good!

The “sugar” looks real!

I knew that I had a success on my hands when I showed my wreath to Mr. SP. He said, “It looks like it’s made out of those candies.” Success!


  1. Domestic Designer says:

    So Cute!!!! I may have to try this. I love it!

  2. Paula, I LOVE it! It does look just like lemonhead candies. What a cool idea and you did a fantastic job. Thanks for posting the how to pics! I love your birch cone too, all dressed for spring. You’ve been able to do so much with the birch cone.

  3. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Cute!!!! 🙂 How did you hang it on the brick?

  4. Miss Janice says:

    You did a great job and it looks so summery hanging on youro wall!

  5. Oh my goodness is that cute! We love lemon heads around here. I think I would find my children prying off ping pong balls to eat them!

    Nice work!

  6. Very nice!!! I have been really lax in reading blogs lately and have missed your so much!

  7. mary'smom says:

    I love the wreath. I agree with Mr. SP looks like real candy. Great Job!

  8. Do you have a dutch door??? I’d love to see a pic of the other side!

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