Lemon Head Wreath

Does this wreath remind you of lemons?  It was designed to look like lemon head candies and I think it does.

DIY Lemon Head Wreath for Spring -  Make a spring wreath that looks like Lemon Head candies!  #spring #springwreath

The inspiration for the wreath came from Country Home magazine. I sure hope that Country Home will come back. I miss it!

 To make this wreath, I ordered a gross of ping pong balls from Ebay. I bought a wreath form and spray painted it yellow.

Now for the fun part! Hot glue the ping pong balls to the form. I used a cool melt glue gun because I hate burning my fingers.

I realized half way through hot glueing that the pattern I was using did not work. I ripped a good bit of the balls off and made a big mess. Oh well!

You can see places where I ripped off the ping pong balls that we glued in the wrong place. I thought that I’d just spray paint over those areas, but found out that the spray paint wouldn’t stick.
Spray painting made some of the ping pong balls fall off. I had to pull out the glue gun and stick them back on. Will I ever finish this?
Now I was ready to apply the “sugar”, aka glitter.

Glittering made another ping pong ball come off. Time to pull out the glue gun again!
Finally, finished! I love this green floral ribbon that I found at Michael’s.  I’m loving how this lemon head wreath looks on my porch wall.

The “sugar” looks real!

I knew that I had a success on my hands when I showed my wreath to Mr. SP. He said, “It looks like it’s made out of those candies.”  Now my porch looks festive for spring.


  1. Paula, I LOVE it! It does look just like lemonhead candies. What a cool idea and you did a fantastic job. Thanks for posting the how to pics! I love your birch cone too, all dressed for spring. You’ve been able to do so much with the birch cone.

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