Mail Surprises

Saturday was a two package surprise day for me. The first package that arrived was from my friend, Jeannine. She sent me the cutest napkins and my favorite candy, Jelly Bellies. My tennis friends are going to love these. I’ve told you before that we like to socialize after tennis. If we play at Sports Racket, there’s no food or drink available, so we tailgate. If we play at the other country club, there’s no food or drink offered to us, so we bring our own. These napkins will be a perfect addition!

The second surprise was from Mr. SP. My favorite tennis racket is the ncode n3. I’ve tried many other rackets, but the n3 is my favorite. Mr. SP found one on ebay and purchased it for me. I’ll get is strung this week. Now if I break a string, I won’t have to play with his Prince racket that I’ve been carrying around, just in case.


  1. How cute!

    Here in Atlanta, tennis is a major social event. During the Thursday morning leagues, what you’re bringing to eat afterwards and how fabulously you display it seems to be more important than the actual tennis matches.

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