March 2016 Stitch Fix Review (Fix #33)


Stitch Fix Review for March 2016 - This is Fix 33 for me!


I am a Stitch Fix affiliate and if you make a purchase, I earn a small commission. My love for Stitch Fix is genuine and all opinions are truthful and my own.

When I know that a Stitch Fix box is coming, I can hardly wait to get home from school to see what has arrived.  This month’s Stitch Fix is #33, can you believe that?

If you are new to Stitch Fix, after filling out a style profile, a stylist personally selects five items to send to you.  The items can include clothes, bags, jewelry, and now shoes.  I elect to get a box monthly but how often you receive a box is completely up to you.  A $20 styling fee is charged but is deducted from any item that is purchased.  If you purchase all 5 items, you get 25% off of your total.

I like that I can write notes to my stylist to request certain items or to let her know if I have a particular event coming up.  She also looks at my Pinterest board to see if there’s anything in particular that I’ve pinned.  This month I requested white jeans, a top to match, and dresses or skirts.

Let’s take a look at this month’s “Fix”!  (That’s what seasoned Stitch Fix lovers call their box.)  🙂


Liverpool Zarina Button Down Top with A Gold E Juno Distressed Skinny Jean

Requesting pants is always a risk for me because my legs are so big.  When I first put these on I was reminded of The Incredible Hulk bursting out of his pants as he metamorphosed from a man into The Hulk.  These jeans have stretch and the longer I wore them, the more comfortable they became.  The distressing and raw edge is on-trend for spring.

Mr. SP really liked this Liverpool top and I found it 100% comfortable.  The back has a cute pleat which is a nice detail.

Stitch Fix Review for March 2016 - Liverpool Zarina Button Down Top - Sherman Skulina


Donna Morgan Jade Jersey V-neck Dress

I spotted this dress in someone’s fix in a Stitch Fix Facebook group to which I belong.  I loved its fun pattern and pinned it to my fashion board on Pinterest.  My stylist saw it on my board and sent it to me.

Stitch Fix Review for March 2016 - Donna Morgan Jade Jersey Vneck Dress with Sherman Skulina


It’s too cold to wear this right now but in a few weeks it won’t be.  Here I’ve paired it with the Tart Kayle French Terry Blazer that I got in my June 2015 fix.

Stitch Fix Review for March 2016 - Donna Morgan Jade Jersey Vneck Dress


Market & Spruce Abrielle Color Block Sweater

This sweater is another item that I pinned after seeing it reviewed on another Stitch Fix lover’s blog post.  I love the color combination and it’s super soft.  I’ve paired it with the Kut from the Cloth Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jeans that I purchased from my February 2016 fix.

Stitch Fix Review for March 2016 - Market and Spruce Abrielle Color Block Sweater


FFC New York Brooke Two-Tone Flats

Aren’t these flats beautiful?  I love the colors and the on-trend pointed toe.  I chipped a bone in my foot long ago and have a knot leading to my big toe that stays sore even when I don’t wear shoes.  These shoes cut across the knot making them impossible for me to comfortably wear.

Stitch Fix Review for March 2016 - FFC New York Brooke Two Tone Flats


What did I keep and What did I return?


Liverpool Zarina Button Down Top

Although this is a cute top, I don’t feel like I’ll wear it enough to justify its $58 price tag.


A Gold E Juno Distressed Skinny Jean

As much as I liked these, their price ($134) is too much for my budget.  Both knees were open and I feared that I would open them even more with wear and with washing.  If I can find an inexpensive version of this style jean, I’ll definitely purchase them.


Donna Morgan Jade Jersey V-neck Dress

Even though I love the style and cut of this dress, it’s too expensive at $98. 


Market & Spruce Abrielle Color Block Sweater

I really debated over this one.  Even though I really like this sweater, I sent it back because I don’t need it and it won’t be long before it will be too warm here in Virginia to wear it.


FFC New York Brooke Two-Tone Flats

These didn’t fit so of course they were returned.  Since my feet are hard to fit, I’m requesting “no shoes” from now on.  I’m really glad that I was sent this pair because I got to see what types of shoes could be sent and the price point.  These were just $39 with I think is very reasonable for a pair of flats.


By not keeping any item this month I did lose my $20 styling fee, but I’m ok with that.  It was still fun to receive my fix and to try on everything in my box.  There’s always next month to look forward to and since it will be a change of season to spring, I’m sure that there will be something sent to me that I won’t be able to resist keeping.

If you are thinking about trying Stitch Fix, do it!  It’s so much fun to receive a box and such a surprise to see what’s inside.




  1. Oh my goodness! Is this your first box where you didn’t keep anything? I’m so sorry the white pants weren’t what you were looking for. But I totally get that with the distressing. Plus, you couldn’t wear them to school. It’s also too bad about the shoes – they were so beautiful! I loved them! And a good price! The dress and color block shirt were my favorite – but I get the budget issues! I am itching to get another Stitch Fix but won’t allow myself one until after I move!

    1. I didn’t keep anything one other time. If I needed them, I would have kept the dress and sweater but it wasn’t too difficult to say no this time. April should be a fun month because I’ll get some new spring things to wear. I don’t blame you for waiting until April to get your next box. There’s no reason to buy things now that you’ll have to move.


  2. Hi Paula!
    Thank you so much for linking up your post! What a shame about those shoes – they were so cute! I own the color block sweater and I love it but I totally understand why you chose not to keep it.

    1. I might end up regretting the decision to send back the sweater, Maria. It would be perfect to wear to school in March and April.


  3. I adored some of your items but I understand you sending them back. We all have our own personal style and reasons. Personally, I own the Market & Spruce Abrielle Color Block Sweater and adore it. Again, I can understand why you decided not to keep it, though. Those shoes I may just have to pin to my board and hope Stitchfix can fit my feet. As a size 5 shoe, I have a hard time getting shoes to fit.

  4. I really like the pattern on the dress! I always want to keep the dresses but have a hard time finding occasions to wear them! The color combination in that sweater is beautiful, but I’m with you. It’s too late for items like that. I won’t be wearing any more sweaters until late October at least! I’m sorry you lost your styling fee, but you’re right to send everything back if you don’t love it! 🙂

    1. I liked the pattern on the dress as well but it just wasn’t a $90 dress in my opinion. I made up for not buying anything in my March fix by keeping it all in April. 🙂


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