Mr. SP Turns 50!

Happy 50th Birthday!

Today is Mr. SP’s 50th birthday!  His present is sweet Sherman, the dog he’s been wanting since we met in 1993.

Family Picture with Sherman

It’s going to be a great day in our area and we plan to celebrate his 50th year with a cookout on the patio followed by cake!

Speaking of cake, we celebrated three birthdays yesterday at my mom’s house:  Mama (April 7); Mr. SP (April 8); and Rich (April 20).  Mama made a delicious strawberry shortcake using pound cake.

Strawberry Shortcake


Twenty years of celebrating Mr. SP’s birthday on April 8 have gone by in a flash.  Here’s to another 20++!


Dave and Paula at Mark's House


  1. Sherman looks like a sweetheart-glad he has a loving home. Strawberries in the spring are wonderful and tat cake looks delicious.

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