Dumpster Diving :: Round II

After a successful first round of dumpster diving, Suzanne and I couldn’t wait until the people cleaning out the house down the street came back to do more work.  Suzanne called me late Friday afternoon to let me know that there was more in the dumpster, so I raced over to see what treasures might be found on our second adventure in the dumpster.

Suzanne found this thermos and decided that she didn’t want it since the inside was broken.  Since it has decorative value, it became mine.

Thermos from dumpster dive


I couldn’t pass up Christmas cards with great graphics.  There were bags and bags of Christmas cards in the dumpster but I used self control and only took a few.

Vintage Christmas Cards from Dumpster Dive

Vintage Cards for Christmas from Dumpster Dive


Suzanne also found a The Night Before Christmas book and kindly let me have it.

The Night Before Christmas Book from Dumpster Dive

The illustrations are works of art.

Illustrations from The Night Before Christmas Book

Two cornucopias will come in handy for Thanksgiving decorating.

Cornucopias from Dumpster Dive


I couldn’t pass up vintage sewing patterns.  The bottom let one is my favorite.  It hasn’t been used and is size 18 which in modern day sizing is probably a 4 or 6.

Vintage Patterns from Dumpster Dive


Suzanne suggested that I make use this racquetball racket as a wreath form instead of my usual tennis racket.

Racquetball Racket from Dumpster Dive

My mom had an identical toaster to this one that we used until it finally died.  Hers was from 1968, so I would think that this one is about the same age.  It was wrapped in plastic and appeared to only have been used a few times.  I don’t have a toaster, so I was glad to find this.  If you look behind me in the picture, you can see Sherman climbing on my back!

Vintage Toaster from Dumpster Dive


I washed the fabric that I found and it’s in my sewing room, ready to be used.

Fabrics from Dumpster Dive


There’s not a lot of each of these vintage prints but I’ll find some use for them someday.

Vintage Fabric from Dumpster Dive


I’ll take this tote full of cups to school to use for science experiments.

Cups from Dumpster Dive


My mom’s church has a sale in the fall to raise money for the church.  I found several items to donate like this like new broiling pan.

Broiling Pan from Dumpster Dive


Eight brand new glasses wrapped in newspaper were in a box.  Someone is sure to buy them at the church sale.

Glasses from Dumpster Dive


A corner plate rack is always handy.

Plate Rack from Dumpster Dive


A creative person could make this spice rack cute with a little paint.

Spice Rack from Dumpster Dive


I found this sweater from Miller and Rhodes in a bag and loved the style.  After washing it, it was too small for me, so I’ll donate it to Goodwill.

Sweater from Dumpster Dive


The floral pattern of this house dress will make a cheerful pillow.

Vintage Dress from Dumpster Dive

This vintage coat is like new and I just had to bring it home with me.  It was in a zippered garment bag and is like new.  If I decide not to keep it, I can donate it.

Coat from Dumpster Dive


I fell in love with this cute dress the moment I saw it.  It wasn’t in a bag and was wet from a rain shower but I decided that I’d wash it and see if I could possibly wear it.  Washing it was a mistake as it now is child sized.  I’m saving it because the fabric could come in handy.

Dress from Dumpster Dive


Suzanne and I are hoping that an estate sale will soon happen at the house.  If it does, we’ll be the first in line!


  1. Wow, you really made out! Thanks for sharing all your great finds, it’s almost as good as being there myself. I love finding free things in the trash!

  2. So many cool things! I love that green dress, what a shame it shrank, it would have looked great on you. The coat is lovely! And the roasting pan is brand new!!! Amazing what people will throw away!

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