Two men, age 18 and 20, were arrested today for killing my mother’s friend. These little jerks knew her from the school where she worked. Both of these creeps rode my aunt’s bus and were known for trouble.

It is a relief for the community to know who did it and to know that they are in custody. People have been so scared. I don’t know if my mother will ever be able to stay alone after this.

Those two can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned. While they are waiting to go to hell I hope that some big, mean, nasty men at the jail decide to have some fun with them.


  1. Paula,

    I am so relieved these criminals were caught. Your town can rest easy now. It will take a lot of time to put this ordeal to rest but I will be thinking of you.


  2. What scumbags!!! Not that it makes it any better to be random, but how could they possibly do that to someone they knew???!

    I hope your mom will feel safe soon. 🙁

  3. Oh Paula – that is so aweful. I pray that *justice* is truly served…and I am not talking about the traditional judge, jury and gavel. I agree with you hwoleheartedly girlfriend!

  4. OH MY WORD! That is so sad and so scary. Your poor mom 🙁 I just dont understand what makes people think they can hurt or kill someone. What gives them the right?! UGH. I agree with you about them going to jail and meeting some big, mean, nasty men!

  5. How awful–glad they were caught, but that doesn’t make it any less painful for the victim’s friends and family.

    I’m so sorry about this horrible thing–I’m sure it seems unreal.

  6. I just read what happened and that is just awful! so glad they caught these jerks! hope justice is served

  7. Oh Paula. I’ve thought about this so much since I first read your post about it. It is just unimagineable that something like this could happen to someone you know. I can’t imagine how your Mother must be feeling. I’m glad they have arrested someone so quickly. Is your Mom staying with you?

  8. I have NO compassion for these 2 losers at all. A robbery and murder is bad enough, but their lack of human decency toward your mom’s friend is terrible. I hope they have very long, long lives…in prison cells.

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