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All of my fellow Hokie girls will understand why this is such icky news. Pritchard Hall was the grossest, loudest, most beer infested place on the VT campus when I was there. Maybe things changed after 1991 when I left VT. I can’t imagine VT ever getting the funky beer smell out of that place.

VT’s Pritchard Hall Going Coed
Blacksburg, VA – Thousands of men have spent their years sleeping there, but now big changes are ahead for Virginia Tech’s Pritchard Hall. Right now, it’s the largest all male college dorm on the east coast. But starting this fall, Pritchard Hall will start housing women.

The school says it’s seeing an increase of female students, and more demand for co-ed dorms. Men and women will live in separate wings and the first floor will remain all male, the 7th floor — all female.

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  1. This happened at Nebraska–they told us (when I took J2 there for a college visit) that nobody wants to live in single sex dorms anymore. So there was a complex called Harper (guys)-Schramm (co-ed every other floor)-Smith (girls). They made all three into every other floor co-ed.

    My brother said that he really wouldn’t have wanted to be the first group of girls who had to live in Harper(he lived there, I lived in Smith)–he said it would’ve taken at least 5 years to get rid of the beer and urine smell in the stairways alone! I concur.

    If it was anything like that….eewww, I know what you mean!

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