Oh no!

So I decide to run today even though it is only 14 degrees. No problem. I put on some old tights, layer a pair of fuchsia colored old lady going to the grocery store style cover up pants over the tights for warmth, pull on a super warm shirt with a fleece over it, put my hair up in a stocking hat, pull on my red fleece gloves, and then wait for my running buddy to pick me up. Aren’t I lucky? I have a running partner who also acts as my chauffeur. I am wearing the tackiest ensemble ever and guess who gets interviewed and then filmed starting her run by the local tv station. Yep. You guessed it. I don’t know when it will air. I’m hoping that it was the mid-day news and that I’ll never see it and that no one that I know sees it. I’ll keep you posted!

Update: I WAS on tv and my running buddy saw it, but thankfully I missed it. There is a story on our local tv station’s website where I am quoted twice. I am curious to see how many people that I know saw the broadcast. We’ll see if any students say anything about it.


  1. Oh no, because you were dressed like that you’ll see it all day long! My hairdresser’s wife works for FedEx and when gas prices were really high they interviewed her at a gas station. I was getting my hair done when she called to tell him about it, and the only thing she could say was “of course I didn’t have on a stitch of makeup, not even lipgloss!” I saw it three different times that day.

    I’m sure you were gorgeous and your cheeks were glowing from the chill and your exercise! And usually they just get your face anyway!

  2. Paula that is hysterical! I can see that happening to me too.
    You must be dedicated.
    Running in 14 degrees…

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