Ornament Wreath – Monogram Style

I’ve been itching to make an ornament wreath after seeing so many in blog land over the past few weeks.  I decided to do an ornament wreath with a twist, our monogram.
Mr. SP made this wire form for me a few years ago and I never used it.  I intended to cover it with greenery, but he made a wooden form that ended up being much better for that purpose.  To keep the ornaments from sliding off, we cut a wine cork in half and used the drill press to hollow out holes in the end of the cork.  The ornaments end up hiding the cork pieces.
I bought a lot of ornaments because I had no idea how many it would take to cover this “S”.  I used almost 150 ornaments to cover the form in large, medium, and small sizes.
Eddie Ross recommended using a glue gun to glue the caps to the ornaments.  The ornaments that I bought were plastic and the cap didn’t come off.  The wire that my “S” is made of was too thick for the ornament holes, so I had to individually wire each ornament to the form.  Mr. SP found this cool red wire in the trash at his old job.  I’ve used it for a lot of projects and it really worked well on this one.
I wired and wired and then wired some more.  Almost finished!
Ta-Da!  The finished project!
IMG_1770 IMG_1768
The outside of our home is ready for Christmas, now on to the inside!
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  1. What a great twist (pun not intended) 🙂 on the ornament wreath! I love this idea! Your’s turned out beautifully!

  2. Oh my gosh….how cute is that? What a creative person, it’s so amazing. I love all these blogs……I get so many ideas. Very nice, you did a fabulous job. Would you be coming to Denver anytime soon? I have a house that needs a creative touch.

  3. So clever! I love when a good idea (like the Eddie Ross wreath) gets a new/personal spin! I think that’s what all this blog sharing is all about!

  4. Love your “S”. I haven’t seen this idea before.

    I can’t believe you were shopping at The Meating Place. We live exactly one mile from the market Best meat in the area. One of my relatives started the business.

  5. I love this and sooo unique to your home! That makes it even better. Thanks for sharing that. I made a wreath out of ornaments too but it is a traditional round one.


  6. Hi Paula. This is so neat. I just love your wreath. What a great idea. And it looks so pretty on your beautiful home. It sounds like Mr. SP and you make great partners.

    Hugs…Tracy 🙂

  7. So pretty! I’m exhausted from reading all about Mama’s renovations! Where do you guys get that energy? Come over for Crock Pot Wednesday whenever you can.

  8. A monogram!!! The creations in blogland just keep growning in this realm. Amazing idea! The outside of your house looks wonderful!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!

    FJ Donna

  9. Beautiful! Love the idea of the monogram!! And it’s hard to believe those are plastic ornaments. Well done!!


  10. It looks fantastic. I love the colours, the sparkle and how unique that it is a monogram. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I’ve seen lots of the Eddie Ross Ornament Wreaths around too. Your monogram wreath turned out fabulous! Very clever! Love it!


  12. Being a monogram-aholic, I absolutely love this wreath. You did a great job and I thank you for the inspiration. What a great idea! Your home has great curb appeal:)

  13. What a fantastic idea! And so original! I wish I had one of these for our door.

    Thanks for linking up at the Holly Bloggy. I’m featuring several bloggers this week who participated. I’m adding this one to the list for tomorrow’s post!

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