Fall Table Runner and Osage Oranges

Drop Cloth Fall Table Runner

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Last year I crafted an easy table runner for fall and thought it was too plain.  To give it an update, I added a green ruffle.  No more plain Jane.  Now my fall runner is styling!
Fall runner Before and After

Last year:

This year:
Fall Runner 2012

A ruffle jazzes it up just enough!
Fall Runner

A bowl of Osage Oranges coordinates with the runner and definitely says “It’s September”.  I gather Osage Oranges every year from a tree on city property.  I wonder if I’m the only person in town who does this?
Fall Runner Update1

Osage Oranges have a particular smell and rot fairly quickly.  I’ve learned that I have to keep my eye on my arrangement and compost the rotten ones fairly quickly.
Osage Oranges

In a few weeks I will replace the Osage Oranges with gourds.  I love gourds and can’t wait to purchase some for decorating.
Fall Runner with Osage Oranges

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  1. How pretty, Paula! I love the look of your Osage oranges! I wish we had some nearby because I would certainly gather them. The extra touches to your runner are perfect! Hope you are having a great week!…hugs…Debbie

  2. Very pretty, Paula! I love the ruffle! I’ve never heard of osage oranges…can you eat them? They are great to display!


  3. The runner was pretty before, but the ruffle really upped it a notch or two …beautiful! I’ve never heard of Osage Oranges, but they are the perfect accessory for your fall runner! 🙂

  4. Hi Paula, your table runner is so pretty, love the added ruffle. I have seen those Osage Oranges but never knew their name.

    Thanks for visiting.

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